Banned Conservative ‘D.C. Draino’ Sues Twitter And Sen. Padilla

Rogan O’Handley, a.k.a ‘D.C. Draino,’ announced that his lawyers from the Center for American Liberty and the Dhillon Law Group filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against a laundry list of defendants, each one more connected to power than the last. The defendants include California Secretary of State at the 2020 election and now U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, California’s CURRENT Secretary of State Shirley Weber, Twitter, Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Consultants SKDK, and others.

O’Handley, who runs the widely popular social media account ‘D.C. Draino,’ claims that Twitter, Alex Padilla, and Biden’s Campaign Consultants coordinated with the other defendants to permanently suspend him after tweeting about the fraud in the 2020 election.

O’Handley v. Padilla

The Center for American Liberty announced the lawsuit on their website, The statement said that in “2018, the state government of California created the Office of Elections Cybersecurity to “educate voters” with “valid information” on election laws and procedures.” It said that California weaponized the office and used it to censor dissenting opinions.

It claims that “leading up to the 2020 election and in the months following it, Twitter, at the direction [of] government employees at the California Office of Elections Cybersecurity, discriminately removed tweets posted by conservative social media influencers criticizing Joe Biden and questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.” It says that the only possible conclusion to make is that they are working together to “censor their political opponents.”

Rogan O’Handley, ‘D.C. Draino,’ tweeted about the inconsistencies in the 2020 election and specifically called for California’s election officials to audit every ballot. He was censored multiple times for questioning the election before being permanently suspended for pointing out that there is no way Joe Biden received the most votes in American voting history.

The CEO of the Center for American Liberty and founder of Dhillon Law, Harmeet Dhillon, announced the lawsuit saying, “Breaking: We at the

[Center for American Liberty] just filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former C.A. Secretary of State turned U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla, #Twitter, and more for the Govt’s role in Twitter banning attorney Rogan O’Handley.”

Dhillon claimed that even her announcement was being suppressed by the Twitter overlords saying, “Twitter obviously doesn’t want this tweet to trend — I appreciate all help from patriots to make it so nevertheless. This is not just “but muh free markets” people /- this is the government using social media co-conspirators to silence government critics. Next, it could be you!”

In September 2020, Republican state Senator Shannon Grove tweeted a photo showing Biden’s connection to the political consulting firm SKDK. She said, “This is the same firm that received 35 million taxpayer dollars for a “Vote Safe California” contract. I have demanded that Governor Gavin Newsom not only investigate but cancel this contract. The integrity of our elections cannot be compromised.”

The letter Senator Grove sent to Gavin Newsome took issue with four problems in the growing $35 million voter outreach no-bid contract scandal.

  • “First, the SOS, is using money for the purpose of a “voter outreach” campaign that is actually intended to help counties with administering an all vote by mail (VBM) election.
  • “Second, the Administration’s Department of General Services (DGS), which, as you know, is ultimately responsible for approving state spending, and the State Controller’s office have yet to receive a copy of this contract.”
  • “Third, according to H.D. Palmer, deputy director for external affairs for the Department of Finance (DOF), DOF has yet to approve this contract and notify the Legislature, which, as you know, is required before an expenditure like this is made.”
  • “Finally, … the conflict of interest and potential for political bias and partisanship in a “voter outreach” contract with a firm that employs individuals with a history of working for high-ranking Democrat officials, and that touts itself as working with ‘Team Biden.’ “

Rogan O’Handley and his lawyers claim to have the receipts to back up their claims from Freedom of Information Act requests and state public records that give them the teeth to get into discovery. They intend to prove that the Democrats were given a special avenue to de-platform political adversaries and that taxpayer money used in the form of a $35 million contract was paid to censor information unfavorable to the elected Democrats in California and nationwide.

O’Handley says that the case is a “historic, slam dunk case to expose the Democrat+Big Tech censorship alliance.” He claims it is different and can change the tides in the fight against Big Tech censoring conservatives.


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