Belichick Tells Reports Cam Newton's Release had Nothing to do with Vaccination Status

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Cam Newton, the former MVP and Heisman Trophy winner, was released this week following a one-year tenure as the team’s quarterback. Newton recently missed five days due to a misunderstanding over COVID-19 regulations, which initially appeared to open the door for rookie Quarterback Mac Jones to take over the starting job.

Since then, several of the leading liberal sports experts have attempted to link Newton’s firing to his Covid-19 vaccination status.

However, at a news conference, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said that quarterback Cam Newton wasn’t released from the team because of this COVID-19 vaccination status.

Coach Belichick flatly denied that Newton’s failure to get inoculated for the next season played a part in his replacement by Mac Jones, the new quarterback from the University of Alabama. When asked if Newton’s vaccination status had a role in his release, Belichick was emphatic.

He responded, “No, I mean, look, you guys keep talking about that, and I would just point; I don’t know what the number is, you guys can look it up, you guys have access to a lot of information. But the number of players and coaches and staff members that have been affected by COVID in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number, so I wouldn’t lose sight of that.”

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Belichick, perhaps the NFL’s most famous coach, quickly demolished the media notion that all NFL coaches, players, and personnel are happy being threatened with a compulsory vaccine.

Belichick went on to say that even teams with the greatest vaccination rates have players who test positive for Covid-19, leading them to miss games and practices.

“There’ve [sic] been a number of, quite a high number I would say, of players who have had the virus who have been vaccinated, so your implication that vaccination solves every problem, I would say that has not been substantiated based on what’s happened in training camp [throughout the NFL] this year,” Belichick said.

Belichick’s reaction astounded reporters and the public by stating that he would support personal medical freedoms above forcing someone to take an experimental injection to maintain their job. Since then, leftist sports media have been working around the clock to “fact-check” him.

On Tuesday, head coaches and executives throughout the league were warned that publicly stating that a player’s vaccination status influenced roster changes is dangerous.

Jacksonville’s Urban Meyer, who is in his first NFL season following a highly successful coaching career at the collegiate level, revealed in a press conference that vaccination status was taken into account when he and his front staff decided on their 53-man roster.

Meyer and the Jaguars have subsequently become the subject of an NFLPA inquiry.

This case has shown that most “woke” sports outlets, such as ESPN and FX1 Sports, would instead leap to conclusions without even understanding the fundamental facts of the matter.

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