Ben & Jerry’s “Scooper Series: Social Mission:” Corporate Anti-Semitism

Private businesses have a right to promote or oppose any political or ideological notion they want, right? And the ice cream communists from Vermont have been peddling political poo for decades.

So, if they want to “force” new hires to attend anti-Semitic political indoctrination classes, that’s their business. But the new hires are welcome to work elsewhere—which is probably the best outcome for them.

Ben & Jerry’s has become infamous for its anti-police, America, and Israel stances.

For example, critics know B&J for their stalwart support of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal (aka Wesley Cook). Jamal murdered Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. Jamal shot Faulkner several times in the back and once point-blank in the face.

According to The Daily Wire, the Israel-hating company, B&J’s, “has reportedly required new employees to watch video lectures featuring Palestinian activists lying about the Jewish state.”

Jewish Insider reported, “The videos are part of what the ice cream company dubbed ‘Scooper Series: Social Mission’ and address racism in the U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to an employee who viewed the videos.”

Omar Shakir, “who was expelled from Israel in 2019…,” produced the “training” videos. And he’d “reportedly counseled the Ben & Jerry’s board last year, ahead of the ice cream company’s decision to stop selling its products in what it referred to as ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory.’”

B&J’s decided last year to stop selling its products in Israel. This set off a lawsuit-fest, which included American Quality Products, the “Israeli manufacturer and distributor” of B&J’s products.

Several states have also decided to divest from the company, “including New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida. Even the usually-wrong, appointed New York governor, Kathy Hochul, “gave Unilever [B&J’s parent company] a final warning before the state divests its $111 million in shares from the U.K.-based conglomerate.”

Neither B&J’s nor Shakir responded to The Daily Wire’s request for comment.

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