Biden Administration Sued By Texans; Border Towns Are Overrun With People And COVID

The Biden administration is once again the subject of a Texas legal battle. The town of Laredo is suing to stop the plethora of undocumented immigrants being bused into their city from other parts of the border.

Laredo is following suit of other cities and towns in Texas, like Del Rio, that have also pressed charges against the Biden administration for overwhelming their cities with undocumented immigrants.

The court filing is over 50 pages. Attorneys for the city say that officials were advised that the Border Patrol would double the number of migrants sent to Laredo.

The busloads have increased from three to six per day, which is up to 350 people per day. This is overwhelming the small town of 260,000 people.

Immigrants coming into the shelters are tested for coronavirus, but those who don’t, aren’t. Laredo’s Health Authority was forced to put the Holding Institute under a quarantine order to help keep their town safe.

This has not stopped them from freely roaming the area, ignoring the quarantine mandates.

The town’s concern is that though many of its citizens are vaccinated, infections are rising among the vaccinated population.

Laredo has 22 breakthrough patients in the hospital, with 98 recovering at home.


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