Biden and WHO Declaring States of Health Emergency Over 8 Deaths Worldwide, 1 in the U.S.

Apparently, not being able to find a better excuse to extend a state of emergency, the Biden administration declared another “public health emergency….” According to USA Today, the administration claims it is “a move that could make it easier to tap funding and wield the federal bureaucracy to combat the once-rare disease.”

Biden appears to be following the thoroughly disreputable World Health Organization, which appears to have intentionally and inadvertently botched so much during the CCP virus pandemic. On July 23, the WTO claimed this “‘extraordinary’ situation qualifies as a global emergency.”

This claim comes despite only 6,600 Americans infected in the U.S. And despite, as reported by CNBC, “Monkeypox is rarely fatal and… [one death has] been reported in the U.S. so far, but patients often suffer debilitating pain from the skin rash caused by the virus.” And despite that worldwide, only eight people have died, and that’s primarily in “Africa where the health systems aren’t as robust as the U.S. Spain and Brazil reported the first confirmed deaths from the virus outside Africa over the weekend.”

An under-reported aspect of the monkeypox “outbreak,” is, as CNBC also reported, “Monkeypox is primarily spreading through skin-to-skin contact during sex at the moment. Gay and bisexual men are at the highest risk of infection right now, public health officials say.”

Dennis Prager, at The Daybreak Daily, put the “global emergency,” into perspective. “Five people in Africa have died of monkeypox. And I’m now going to give you the number of Africans who die each year as a result of hippopotamuses drowning them or biting them or crushing them: 3,000. Three thousand. What is that, 600 times more? For every monkeypox death, 600 Africans are dying from hippopotamuses.”

Prager is not being flippant. The comparison, of which there are likely many more comparisons that could be made, is legitimate. People are right to be suspicious of the possibility of the Biden administration and WTO manufacturing or exaggerating another “health crisis” to benefit them politically.

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