Biden Continues to Push for Clean Energy Amidst Inflation

Biden continues to seem out of touch with everyday Americans who are struggling amidst record-breaking inflation. He continues to use the high gas prices as a “push” to move to clean energy.

Gas prices rose to $4.98 per gallon as a nationwide average. Many conservatives were quick to call out Biden for his out-of-touch remarks, especially on the verge of recession.

Biden addressed reporters while vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware saying:

“My dear mother used to have an expression: out of everything lousy, something good will happen if you look hard enough for it. We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just electric vehicles but across the board.”

Radio host Derek Hunter tweeted, “He keeps telling you he doesn’t give a damn that you can’t afford gas, all you have to do is start to believe him.”

Press secretary for Senator Josh Hawley predicted a red wave in 2022 and 2024 after the President’s comments.

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