Biden Has “Rebound” Case of Covid

Despite President Joe Biden doing the most when it comes to vaccines, he has come down with the covid once again.

He first tweeted a statement, making his announcement, followed by another tweet with a short video featuring his dog, Commander, reassuring the American people he was still hard at work.

The tweeted video had well over 2 million views by Sunday afternoon.

Cool guy Joe Biden is smiling while looking into what is likely the teleprompter: “Tested positive this morning. Going to be working from home for the next couple days. And I’m feeling fine, everything’s good. But Commander and I got a little work to do,” ending it with a chuckle.

On July 21, Biden first tested positive for covid, returning a negative test last Tuesday.

His physician, Kevin O’Connor, wrote a memorandum on Sunday stating the president had tested positive for a second day. He explained that Biden was fit for working from “home” and would be resuming his previous healing protocol [of quarantining and Paxlovid].

On Saturday, O’Connor stated the president was among a “small percentage” of Paxlovid recipients who had “rebound” symptoms.

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