Biden, HHS, Want to Declare “Health Emergency” for Abortion Access

It’s uncanny how Democrats’ “emergencies” always line up with whatever advances their political power. The CCP virus China unleashed on the world wound up a U.S. federal “health emergency” tyranny. The Democrats have said they want to declare a “climate health emergency” and a “gun violence health emergency.”

Climate Emergency demonstrators

Now, according to Daily Caller, “President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is considering declaring a public health emergency to promote abortion access, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said Monday. The HHS believes it has the authority to declare a public emergency, but it is only one of many options on the table, according to Becerra, who argued there was an ongoing ‘reproductive health crisis’ since Roe v. Wade was overturned.” These folks love to play pretend. Pretend insurrection, pretend racism, and pretend health emergencies.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra

Many Americans agree abortion is indeed a health emergency—but to save, not kill unborn babies. The “pro-choice” Democrats wanted no choice on the vax or the mask, no choice on “green” whatever they want to make people use or not use, and want no choice for Americans who choose to protect themselves with firearms. 

Axios reported, “The lawmakers argued that such a move would allow the administration to help support states that protect abortion, deploy Public Health Services Corps teams, and give the government ‘the ability to accelerate access to new medications authorized for abortion.’”


HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra simply ignored the true meaning of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which simply returned authority over abortion to the states where the Constitution says it belongs.

Recently, Biden even attempted to conscript Pope Francis to his cause, saying the pontiff supports taxpayer-funded abortion. This pope may lean way left, but he hasn’t fallen over. 

The frivolous desire to misuse “emergency declarations” shows radical Democrats have no respect for Americans’ individual liberty—for the born or unborn. 

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