Biden Refuses to Protect Schools, Pretends Guns Are the Problem

Joe Biden doesn’t believe having armed good guys posted at schools protects students from armed bad guys, but he believes a 9mm round blows lungs out of human bodies.

Americans are supposed to trust a man who says such colossally stupid and inaccurate things about firearms and the Second Amendment to make national firearms policy.

A man who warns people about violent white supremacists, whose party also reduces the effectiveness of the police, and then he wants to disarm the people he says are at such grave risk.

Credit to Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who, according to National Review, would work with Republicans on school security legislation. While the swampy Sen. Mitch McConnell would work with Democrats on anti-gun legislation.

Democrats cannot confiscate America’s estimated 400 million guns. But single entry points, modern detection technology, and posting armed good guys could start today.

Kids are only afraid of good guys with guns when anti-gun adults teach them to be.

It’s more difficult to get into any radio or TV station than it is to get into most schools. Good guys with guns protect money, jewelry, celebrities, and politicians, including Biden. But he doesn’t believe that protection should extend to America’s schoolchildren.

He’d rather pretend he can rid America of guns and wallow in a fantasy that laws will be effective against bad guys who don’t obey laws, least of all gun laws (refer to the bad guy handbook).

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden doesn’t believe in “hardening schools….” Another sign it’s a good idea. She said he believes the problem is with guns.

But guns have always been a part of American culture. But mass murders (with guns, knives, bombs, and vehicles) on such a scale (including in cities like Chicago) have not been.

Americans all wish armed good guys at schools weren’t necessary. But they are.

They all also wish various insurance policies, or fire or burglar alarm systems weren’t necessary, either. But they are.

Perhaps, along with outlawing Biden’s 9mm “canons,” he could introduce legislation to outlaw house fires. Why not? House fires obey laws about as much as armed criminals do.

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