Biden Regime: Non- “Woke” Americans Need Not Apply

The Biden Regime’s ideological arm-twisting continues with a new executive order mandating diplomats, to qualify for promotions, must “promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility principles, the State Department recently announced,” reported Jimmy Quinn at National Review.

Quinn noted, “While that document details uncontroversial promotion criteria, such as ensuring respectful behavior in the workplace, the specific focus on DEI echoes the language of left-leaning activists.”

NR said they exclusively obtained an “internal document [that] provides further detail on how State Department officials must now promote and advance DEI principles to receive tenure and promotions.”

Tom Fitton tweeted, “U.S. Diplomats Required to ‘Advance’ anti-American Marxist Critical Race Theory to Receive Promotions.”

The barely-there Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently revealed the State Department had concluded its “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Strategic Plan….”

It’s an odd phenomenon to watch as, while a presidential administration implodes, those in charge continue to do in earnest exactly what is causing its collapse.


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