Biden Signs Executive Order to Support Out-of-State Abortion Travel

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed a new executive order that supports out-of-state travel for low-income women who wish to receive an abortion. It requests the permission of the federal health department to divert funds to help cover the costs.

The order is to ensure that health care providers comply with federal law on discrimination to prevent delays in getting care. It also advances research and data collection “to evaluate the impact that this reproductive health crisis is having on maternal health and other health conditions and outcomes.”

The order was signed by the president at the first meeting of the interagency task force on reproductive healthcare access. 

The order asks for Medicaid funds to help out-of-state travel for low-income women seeking abortions, but the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) must approve the move. The Hyde Amendment prevents using federal funds for abortions, and will only cover the abortion if the mother’s health is at risk, or in the case of incest or rape. The White House is confident that its request qualifies.

Biden touted the results in Kansas and said that Republicans and the Supreme Court are clueless about the power of American women.

He said Kansas was a “decisive victory” and said voters in the state sent a “powerful signal” that made clear politicians should stay out of the fundamental rights of women.

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