Biden, With Good Reason to Fear Election Integrity Laws, Sues Arizona

Joe Biden doesn’t like voter integrity laws. And since the Democrat machine filched the election for him in 2020, he has good reason. That’s why, as reported by The Epoch Times, “President Joe Biden’s administration on July 5 sued Arizona over a law that requires voters to prove they’re U.S. citizens.”

Who in his right mind would oppose…? (Oh, wait. The question sort of answers itself, doesn’t it?)

The DOJ filed a 17-page complaint in Phoenix, alleging Arizona House Bill 2492 “violates two federal statutes….”

How do the Feds get there? With a bit of DOJ legal sleight of hand. “One of those statutes requires states to accept a federal form to register voters, and the form does not require voters to prove their citizenship, the complaint says.”

Two items: One, the form may not “require” an I.D., but it doesn’t prohibit it. Why would it? Two, there is no logical reason not to require I.D. to vote. How can the state ever prove or disprove a voter’s eligibility? It’s nonsensical.

Americans seem to agree. According to a headline at The Daily Wire, “75% Of All U.S. Voters, 69% Of Black Voters Support Voter ID Laws….”

Yes, voting is a right, but it’s a right that involves a legal process, qualifications, and registration all of which must require identification. If the state can’t be sure the voter is the person listed on the registration form, how can election officials treat the form or ballot as valid?

If the voter cannot be validated, the vote cannot be validated, so neither can the election be validated.

Not requiring I.D. is one way to compromise election integrity, as too many counties in several states did in 2020 partly through uncontrolled mail-in ballots. And, today, Americans are suffering the consequences of that lack of election system integrity disaster.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich believes it’s a part of an attempt to allow illegal immigrants, whom Biden is allowing to pour over the southern border, to vote. FOX News reported the AG said, “In addition to free rooms and transportation for those illegally entering our country, the DOJ now wants to give them a chance to vote.”

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