Biden’s Disaster Economy Sending Beer and Even an Illegal NYC Drink Prices Soaring

Fresh off his win at the PGA championship, pro golfer Justin “JT” Thomas recently took home more than just prize money and a trophy. He took home the adulation of fellow, frustrated beer drinkers who shared his dismay when he posted a frank tweet about the stratospheric beer prices at the Southern Hills Golf Course. Prices were a steep $18 for a beer.

But that wasn’t the last of the adult beverage controversies swirling amid Joe Biden’s I’m Wrecking America; Who’s Coming with Me? tour.

As the New York Post’s Alex Mitchell wrote, “Talk about a kick to the groin.”

He’s talking about a “Nutcracker,” “an illegal boozy beverage sold by park and beach vendors around NYC….” Reportedly, the beverage has shot to $15 for a 12 oz. bottle. Mitchell says the illegal but popular drink has been around during the summer “since the 1990s.” He describes the drink as a mélange of alcohol and fruit juice served in a plastic bottle.

A local, latter-day “rum-runner,” previously told the Post that bottles used to sell for $5 for an 8-oz. bottle and $10 for the 12-ounce size. Mitchell says a Hell Gate journalist “tweeted that she saw the under-the-radar drink being sold at that 50% markup inside Prospect Park.”

When reporters asked golfer JT about his tweet slamming beer prices, he said, “Yeah, I just saw it and I was blown away… it’s just a bummer…. You want people to want to come to the tournament. I mean, if I’m on the fence, and I’m looking at that concession stand… I’ve never seen $18 beers….”

So, now the Biden administration’s incompetence and malice are affecting the price of beer, “Nutcrackers” (not to mention true necessities like baby formula), and too many other products and services to mention.

Having a cold brew or, perhaps, a “Nutcracker,” used to be a way to relax at the end of a hard workday or on the weekend at a golf course or the beach.

It’s hard to relax when Biden has beer and even illegal drinks skyrocketing. Now, there’s something else skyrocketing: blood pressure.

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