Biden’s Disinformation Board ‘Paused’, Board Head Resigns

Records continue to be broken during the Biden presidency, as inflation, fuel prices and illegal border crossings are on the rise, but that hasn’t stopped the administration from making waves last month for the creation of a shockingly tyrannical Disinformation Governance Board, via the Department of Homeland Security.

Critics condemned the board, calling it “dystopian” and likening it to America’s “Ministry of Truth,” stating that the board would only infringe on Americans’ first amendment rights.

“Adolf Hitler had a Ministry of Truth. Joseph Goebbels had a Ministry of Truth. Joseph Stalin had a Ministry of Truth. Joseph Biden has a Ministry of Truth,” tweeted California Congressional Candidate, Errol Webber.

But perhaps the most ironic development came Wednesday, when the department head, Nina Jankowicz resigned from her position citing a “mischaracterization” of the board and its intent.

Followed by a slew of celebration from officials on both sides of the aisle, the resignation came only three weeks after the announcement of the board’s fruition.

But a tyrant’s work is never finished.

A spokesperson for DHS told the NY Post:

“…the Department’s critical work across several administrations to address disinformation that threatens the security of our country will continue.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the same in the briefing room stating that “DHS is still going to continue the work.”

If a tyrant’s work is never finished, so, too must the resistance never cease in its efforts.

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