Biden’s Ultra Gun Control Insanity and False Claims

The recent mass-casualty shooting committed by a mentally ill murderer in Buffalo, N.Y., resurrected the Democrats’ nonsensical, anti-Second Amendment narrative. Armed madmen are targeting vulnerable Americans, so let’s prevent them from protecting themselves—let’s disarm them.

This incongruous phenomenon makes sense only to radical gun control Democrats. The Democrats’ supposed leader, Joe Biden, makes time to visit only mass killings that fit the far-left’s narrative. For example, he visits Buffalo, New York where 10 people were shot in a grocery store but not where 10 people shot were shot also in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.


Because in Buffalo, the killer was white and most of the victims were black. In Boulder, reportedly, the killer was Muslim and the victims were white.

And what about the slaughter at a Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade? Well, the killer was black, he didn’t use a gun, and the victims were white Christians. Instead, he used an SUV, not a firearm, to injure over 60 and kill 6 innocent people.

We know that because the mainstream media repeatedly reported that, not a human driver, but “An SUV smashed into crowds….”

If this glaring inconsistency—hypocrisy—doesn’t cast doubt on Biden’s motives, then nothing will?

Still, it strains credulity that after Democrats tell people they are most at risk from armed lawbreakers, they call for disarming the people. Isn’t this a bit like learning there is a serial arsonist burning buildings in your town, but the government wants to take away or prevent you from buying sprinkler systems?

But sprinklers can’t be used to kill people, right. Okay. Then, back to the “SUV” massacre referenced above. Did Biden call for taking away or preventing people from buying cars after that madman mowed down those innocent people? No. That would be ridiculous, right? It wouldn’t make sense.

Again, why?

Because Democrats drive cars; they don’t own guns (at least, they don’t admit it).

In a Buffalo speech, as reported by Townhall, “Biden falsely claimed the ban on semi-automatic sporting rifles from 1994 to 2004 cut down on violence and shootings.” [link added]

But truth-telling has never been Biden’s strong suit.

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