Bill de Blasio Asks N.Y. Voters to Repeat a Mistake, Elect Him Again

After leaving New York City a shambles, the former-worst mayor in America, Bill de Blasio, is asking NYC voters to elect him to office again. This time to the U.S. House of Representatives newly reconfigured N.Y. 10th Congressional District, which comprises several Brooklyn neighborhoods and Manhattan “below 11th Street.”

According to NBC 4 News, while appearing on MSNBC, de Blasio confirmed his decision to run and later repeated it on Twitter. “New York’s 10th District is currently represented by Democratic U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, but the state’s political maps are being redrawn under supervision of a New York judge after a court found they were unconstitutional and gerrymandered in favor of Democrats.”

This may put the thoroughly unlikable Rep. Jerry Nadler, who infamously said Antifa was a myth, into a primary battle for the 12th Congressional District with fellow congressional leftist Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Going nowhere during his flaccid attempt to run for President, de Blasio “toyed with running for governor this year before deciding to sit it out.” NBC points out the former worst mayor in America, “frankly acknowledged how unpopular he was as mayor, and what he could have done differently.”

As narcissistic as de Blasio seems, he deserves credit for acknowledging his poor performance. In an op-ed in The Atlantic, de Blasio wrote, “[When] it comes to being unpopular, I’m unfortunately somewhat of an expert. I made my fair share of mistakes. President Biden and the Democratic Party should learn from them.”

Like other Democrats, rather than taking full responsibility for his dismal performance in office, he blames not getting his message across to voters as the prime culprit. “As the mayor of New York City, I had one of the loudest megaphones in the country, and I failed to use it properly. Biden’s bully pulpit is a thousand times more powerful. He needs to use it to show that he truly empathizes with everyday Americans on the issues they care most about, like inflation and health care.”

But just as it was with de Blasio as mayor, it’s not about the bully pulpit; it’s about the bully.

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