Black Americans Embracing Second Amendment Rights

It’s comical when leftist identity politics smack headfirst into reality. Radical leftists are ostensibly pro-black, anti-white, and anti-gun (which the Left associates with racist white men). Now, according to a recent report by NPR about increasing black gun ownership, these issues are colliding. 

NPR notes historical black luminaries like Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman armed themselves. The former, “against white enslavers,” and the latter, for her protection while traveling “along the Underground Railroad.” 

Christian Lee, a Chicago photographer, has created a poignant photographic exploration of modern black gun ownership called “Armed Doesn’t Mean Dangerous.” NPR should know this applies to all law-abiding gun owners. 

Man with rifle

Anti-gun rights NPR, though reluctantly, seems to sanction black gun ownership because they “have shown an interest in the Second Amendment due to a need for survival, rather than an obsession with guns.” To what “obsessed” gun-owning group could the NPR possibly be referring? 

Black Americans in places like Chicago are understandably concerned about violent crime, and they don’t want themselves or their loved ones to become the next crime statistic. 

Anti-Second Amendment politicians like Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, with their armed criminal friendly policies combined with support for defund-the-police, have created a situation where the people are not safe. So, the people are taking matters—and guns—into their own hands. 

NPR says, “African Americans have used firearms throughout history to defend against the woes of racism and poverty.”

However, today, in so many Democrat-run cities, black Americans are using firearms to defend against violent criminals who happen to be black.

It’s encouraging that more people of any description are learning about the importance of the Second Amendment, which protects everyone’s God-given right to self-defense. 

NPR attempts to portray black gun owners as somehow different than white gun owners. This only reveals their bias and odd apparent willingness to tolerate black gun ownership.

All law-abiding people have similar reasons for arming themselves. Primarily, to protect against violent criminals no matter what they look like.  

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