Black Barbershops And Salons Plan To Become COVID-19 Vaccine Sites

“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.” – Malcolm X

Just when you thought the Biden administration’s attempt at racial divide couldn’t get any worse, they do. In efforts to pander to the black communities in America, Joe Biden announced Wednesday a plan aiming to recruit 1,000 Black-owned barbershops and salons to provide “Shots at the Shop” and promote vaccinations nationwide.

This statement came on the heels of the Biden administration also announcing free child care and extended pharmacy hours to encourage people to get vaccinated. President Biden has set a bold goal of having 70% of American adults at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19 by July 4.

“America is heading into the summer dramatically different from last year’s summer,” Biden said. “A summer of freedom, a summer of joy, a summer of get-togethers and celebrations, an all-American summer that this country deserves after a long, long. dark winter that we’ve all endured.”

The Biden administration has begun finding many unique approaches to vaccinate Americans who have not already voluntarily taken the jab, including prisons, worksites, and even schools.

Particularly, Biden has been keen on pushing the narrative that the coronavirus has and will continue to affect black Americans versus white Americans disproportionately. However, the consequences of his actions have only caused more vaccine hesitancy with the black community.

According to the CDC, 63.3% of white Americans have been fully vaccinated in the last 14 days, versus 8.6% of Black Americans receiving the vaccine. However, the ‘”black population” in America is only 12.4%.

Although most black Americans are already vaccinated, Biden is determined to pursue the lingering few that have decided against the jab. Most barbershops and salons struggled to stay open last year during the tyrannical lockdowns, and it’s possible many of them received little help from the government aside from what everyone else got. But they seem willing to help team up with the White House for this cause.

For years, barbershops and salons have been a safe space for African Americans to discuss life, sports, and entertainment without fear of government interference. Now the Democrats have again crossed the line by posing as superheroes to save black people from all their problems. Since the ’60s, the black community has been married to the Democrat party through government programs and welfare. Conservatives believe that President Biden is continuing the deceptive agenda to maintain control over black Americans, especially in the inner city.


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