BLM Activist Resigns From School Board After 62 Allegations Of Sexual Assault

BLM Activist Tay Anderson decided to step down from his position as Denver School Board director-at-large after allegations of sexual misconduct with minors forced his hand.

Tay Anderson famously tweeted his excitement that the Denver Public School system would not be entering into a new contract with the Denver Police Department to help patrol the schools. Now the PM is reporting that Tay Anderson is “accused of molesting over 60 undocumented students, using the residency status of the children to target kids as young as 14-years-old.”

A parent and social justice advocate, Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, reportedly gave testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last Tuesday that 62 undocumented students were victims of “a sexual predator targeting DPS children.” Fleming details that the students needed help managing the “abusive experiences.” The report detailed the abuse saying it “ranged from unwanted touching to violent act of rape.”

The Denver Post received a statement from Christopher Decker, Tay Anderson’s lawyer. The information said, “Nothing is worse or more unacceptable than the harm caused by sexual assault upon our children, or the related harm caused by not believing those who have been victimized in this way.”

He wrote, “This is also why false assertions of these horrible crimes act to cheapen and diminish its importance. It is because of these two truths that responsible people and organizations must carefully investigate such inflammatory claims completely, and with an open and fair process.”

Brooks Fleming is part of the ‘Wall of Moms,’ says that the victims arrived directly at her home. One victim, she said, was 14-years-old needed stitches. But, she told the House Judiciary Committee, “Those who came to my home didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford emergency rooms. And, even if they could, they wanted to avoid mandatory reporters for fear that such an interaction could jeopardize their family.”

She said, “It is horrifying to realize that someone had preyed on these children knowing their silence was guaranteed.”

Denver Public Schools Board of Education sent a statement to the DP saying, “The Board was made aware of testimony at the Colorado Capitol this week and was later informed that the accusations were against Director Tay Anderson. The Denver police are also aware of these accusations.”

A spokesman for the Denver Police Department, Jay Casillas, says that the department has yet to hear from any of the victims that Brooks Fleming talked about in her testimony. But, he said, “If someone is a victim, we encourage them to contact Denver Police.”

On Brooks Flemings, Twitter released a draft of her testimony where she blames the lack of knowledge about the serial abuser inside DPS as representative of the legislature’s “privilege.” She said, “the rapist is targeting undocumented kids because reporting involves engaging a system that is designed to crush them. It crushed me 25 years ago, and I have all the privilege in the world. They know they don’t stand a chance.”

In a later statement, the Denver Schools Board of Education said, “It is critically important that all individuals feel safe and supported to participate in this process, and will use any and all authority it has to protect those who participate. Retaliation or intimidation of witnesses will not be tolerated.”


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