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The racial grievance industry, which includes their BLM and Antifa militia allies, uses a very effective formula: If you’re a minority and anything negative happens to you, it’s specifically because you’re a minority, and the other person is racist. Period! No context is needed; no facts are necessary.

Leftist radicals have people so preconditioned to expect racism that a perceived sideways glance from a white American is all some minorities need to provoke their kneejerk wrath.

Take this story, which is coming to light from last August.

KTTH Radio host Jason Rantz recently spoke about an incident at the Evergreen Building in Renton, Washington.

Rantz says security officers were advised that a dangerous domestic violence suspect might attempt to enter the building where his victim works. The suspect description was a black male with a cane. During their shift, the security guards observed a black man with a cane about to enter the building.

Since “security” is literally their title, it would be a dereliction of duty not to contact this person before he got into the building. I imagine the potential victim would appreciate them doing their job.

The security officers asked the man, later identified as John Houston, which office he worked in. On a recording of the incident, Houston says, “I’m not going to answer that for you because I think you’re harassing me.”

Not telling the security of the building where you work only increases suspicion.

Since Houston wouldn’t provide identification, security called the police. Police arrived and had a photograph of the actual suspect, proving Houston was not him.

But rather than let it go, Houston, the black man with the cane who matched the DV suspect’s description, must have related the sheer terror he’d experienced because on Nov. 9thBLM demonstrated at the building against an instance of non-existent racism.

Rantz said, “But this guy — the victim [Houston], is the only reason, the only reason, the situation devolved into what it did. He believes, as he was taught, as so many people are taught, that the only reason for someone, for him, to be seen as suspicious is due to his skin color….”

Rantz also said, Houston “hopes this becomes a teachable moment. Not for him, even though he right now is the one who clearly needs to be taught a lesson…” in not taking a non-incident too far. Instead, he wants it to be a lesson for the greater society.

Houston said, “My children or grandchildren, if they ever ask me, ‘grandpa or dad, what did you do?’ I can tell ’em [sic] I stood up… I stood up against the ugliness and the hate.”

As if pretending he’s a victim of racism makes him a civil rights hero. In fact, his actions insult those genuine civil rights heroes who fought actual racist oppression.

He didn’t fight racial profiling. He committed it when he accused the security officers of stopping him solely because of his race, which is the only racism that occurred here.

What about the ugliness and hate the actual DV suspect might have directed at the victim if he’d gotten into the building?

Going forward, does Houston or the BLM activists believe security officers will be more or less inclined to stop a black person even if they match the suspect description? I’m thinking, much less inclined. What if the DV victim was Houston’s mother, sister, or daughter?

If the suspect’s description vastly differed age, height, or weight, that wouldn’t prove racism, but at least it’s a better argument. Or if they were looking for a white or Asian male, then you would have even more of an argument. But even that is no proof of racism or hate but just bigoted assumptions.

But security was warned about a black man with a cane. Houston was a black man with a cane. Why are Houston and the BLM demonstrators ignoring the DV suspect’s description? Because it doesn’t matter to them. Furthering the myth is the only thing that matters.

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