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BLM Supporters Arrested By FBI For Attempting To Sell Submarine Secrets To Foreign Agent

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needed a win after a string of failed domestic operations conducted by the spy agency (i.e., Gretchen Whitmer’s non-kidnapping, January 6) saw an increased need to defund the Bureau and start anew.

However, reports indicate that the FBI might have done their job for once. The DOJ announced the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) successfully arrested Jonathan Toebbe and his wife on espionage-related charges for attempting to sell the design plans for America’s nuclear submarines.

Jonathan Toebbe was a Navy nuclear engineer with access to nuclear submarine designs and intended to sell them to a foreign agent but instead spent a year selling them to an undercover FBI agent.

“For almost a year, Jonathan Toebbe, 42, aided by his wife, Diana, 45, sold information known as Restricted Data concerning the design of nuclear-powered warships to a person they believed was a representative of a foreign power. In actuality, that person was an undercover FBI agent. The Toebbes have been charged in a criminal complaint alleging violations of the Atomic Energy Act,” the DOJ announced.

ABC 7 reported that the couple supported Black Lives Matter, an organization that claims to support a path for justice for people of color. However, its protests caused billions in damage and several black deaths.

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“The complaint charges a plot to transmit information relating to the design of our nuclear submarines to a foreign nation,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. “The work of the FBI, Department of Justice prosecutors, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the Department of Energy was critical in thwarting the plot charged in the complaint and taking this first step in bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

Neighbors told ABC 7 that Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were not “friendly” neighbors and often left their yard disheveled. A Black Lives Matter flag was proudly displayed in the unkempt yard.


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