Brandon Tatum EXPOSES the Truth of Viral Traffic Stop

“If you see something that seems too juicy, you need to take some time, do some research and then come back and evaluate the video. Don’t share stuff that ain’t true because you didn’t do your research.”

That advice came from Brandon Tatum after seeing the viral video of a Caledonia Police Officer falsely accused of attempting to frame a black female driver and her passengers.

In the 14-second viral clip, with more than 6 million views on Twitter, not counting other social media, a police officer is accused of planting evidence in a car during a traffic stop.

“All black Twitter and Instagram [are] playing this distorted and out-of-context video,” said Brandon Tatum. He said he knew “right away” that the video wasn’t complete, and he asked, “what am I really reviewing here.”

But “black” social media groups weren’t the only ones. Conservatives like Tim Pool jumped onto the outrage train, retweeting articles about the video arguing that the cop should go “right to jail.”

Fortunately for the cop, America has a justice system that is supposed to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Before you can take someone “right to jail,” you must first give them a chance to defend themselves.

In a rare instance in 2021, the Village of Caledonia Police Department produced a complete picture of the event. The officer’s released body camera footage confirmed that the officer was not planting evidence.

The complete account showed the officer was handed an empty plastic bag out of one of the occupant’s pockets and threw it into the car. It appears he wasn’t planting evidence but rather throwing the man’s empty trash back in the vehicle.

Local CBS 58 identified the voice on the viral clip as the Facebook user and Racine resident, La Savoo. The report contained the released transcript of the response from The Village of Caledonia Police Department Chief of Police, Christopher Botsch, which said that all four officers present at the time of the stop wore body camera footage.

The transcript said that while the newly released clips show “only a summary of the events, the origin of the empty corner tear (the empty plastic bag) and the circumstances under which it was placed in the vehicle are supported by body-worn camera video.”

“Anybody with common sense knows … that if you see a video cut this quick, you know for a fact that there’s something missing here,” remarked Tatum.

Tatum stated that people in America still have “no idea what they are talking about” regarding policing in America.


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