ICYMI: Brandon Tatum: George Floyd’s LEAKED VIDEO Left Me Confused [VIDEO]

Police body camera footage showing the initial moments of the confrontation that led to George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer was leaked to a British news outlet on Monday. YouTube influencer Brandon Tatum comments on that leaked video.

Brandon Tatum’s Take On Leaked George Floyd Video


The Hill Reports

Video posted by the Daily Mail shows one of the four former officers charged over Floyd’s death, Thomas Lane, approaching Floyd’s vehicle, knocking on the driver’s side window with his flashlight, and immediately pulling his gun on the unarmed Floyd, who quickly begins begging for his life.

In the moments following, Floyd can be heard repeatedly asking the officers not to shoot him or place him in a squad car due to his claustrophobia. He can also be heard telling them that his mother recently died.

Lane can be heard cursing at Floyd repeatedly in the video, ordering him to “put your f—ing hands on the [steering] wheel” and the other officers involved in his arrest can also be heard making similar comments.

“I’m sorry,” Floyd is heard saying in response several times. He adds: “Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please man.”

Daily Mail Leaked Video:

The terror on George Floyd’s face as a rookie cop points a gun at his head while he sits in his car can be seen today for the first time. DailyMail.com has exclusively obtained video from the bodycams of officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.


Floyd is led to a squad car in the video and sits partway in the car, with his legs outside the vehicle before a struggle begins with officers trying to force him in the car. The struggle ends with Floyd on the pavement and former Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck, while Floyd continues to beg for his life. Bystander video of Floyd’s arrest showed him lying on the ground handcuffed for nearly nine minutes with Chauvin’s knee on his neck the entire time.

Charges have been against the four officers. Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder and the other three were charged with aiding and abetting Chauvin’s actions.

Floyd’s death sparked protests across the U.S. and in some cities elsewhere around the world against racism and police brutality.

CNN notes:

In partial footage obtained by the Daily Mail from the body cameras worn by two of the now-former Minneapolis police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, a panicked Floyd can be seen struggling with officers while in the back of a squad car in the minutes before his death, saying, “I can’t breathe.” Moments later, following the struggle, Officer Thomas Lane can be heard asking Officer Derek Chauvin whether Floyd should be rolled on his side. Floyd died May 25 while in custody, and the incident — which was also recorded on cell phone video — set off protests that soon went nationwide.

Transcripts: George Floyd told officers he couldn’t breathe nearly 30 times, newly released body cam transcripts show

Officers take his name and date of birth and tell him they’re stopping him because he allegedly used a counterfeit bill. They lead him toward a squad car and Floyd drops to the ground, begging not to be put inside.

Officers handcuff Floyd and tell him to stop resisting. At one point, Lane says he thinks Floyd was “on something.”

“Why’s he getting all squirrelly and not showing us his hands. and just being all weird like that?” he asks Floyd’s girlfriend, Shawanda Hill.

“I have no clue,” she responds, “because been shot before. … He have problems all the time when they come, especially when that man put that gun like that.”

Floyd repeatedly tells officers he is claustrophobic and has anxiety as he resists being put in the car.

“I am claustrophobic, for real,” Floyd says. “I’m going to die in here. I’m going to die, man.”

Officers pull him into the car as he tells them he can’t breathe. Floyd is then forced to the pavement where he can be heard calling out for his mother and repeatedly insisting he can’t breathe.

“Relax,” one of the officers responds. “You’re talking fine.”

Floyd’s last words are “Please. Please. Please.”

Lane asks Chauvin if Floyd should be put on his side, and Chauvin replies, “he‘s staying put where we got him.”

“OK, I just worry about the excited delirium or whatever,” Lane says.

“Well, that’s why we got the ambulance coming,” Chauvin replies.

Bystanders tell officers Floyd is not responsive and urge them to check his pulse. Kueng takes Floyd’s pulse, and about a minute later the video ends


H/T The Hill, USA Today, YouTube

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