Brandon Tatum Gives Crucial Update On Officer Seward

Officer Seward received praise around the country for his poignant quip to a D.C. resident intent on harassing the officer while on duty. From our earlier reporting:

“Officer Seward from the D.C. Metro Police Department went viral last week after a resident recorded his reaction to a question referencing the shooting death of 16-year-old Ma’khia Bryant. Ma’khia Bryant died after a Columbus, Ohio police officer shot her while Bryant attempted to stab another woman.

The D.C. resident recorded Officer Seward responding to whether he would “stab somebody like her?” Officer Seward responded, “Are you gonna try and stab somebody like her?” The simple exchange exploded around the world, with the video gathering millions of views on different platforms.”

Our source told us that Officer Seward was unjustly targeted for his comments after many leftist activists hounded the Chief of Police’s office. Chief of Police of D.C. Metro, Robert Contee, was handpicked by left-wing activist and BLM supporter D.C. Mayor Bowser. His treatment of Officer Seward is in line with the BLM vision of attacking and dismantling our police force.

They stripped Seward of his police powers, forced him onto desk duty, and there is still a potential to lose thousands of dollars from his paycheck. But a call to action was placed by Tatum to his community to try to help make it right. And overnight, some things changed.

According to “birdies,” which spoke to Tatum, Officer Seward received a panicked phone call from the head office begging to put him back whole.  Brandon Tatum went live last night to explain the update saying that we are seeing “the power of the people” working in Officer Seward’s case. Tatum said that “the people spoke … you guys blew up the phone” to the point where D.C. Metro’s “phone system did not work.” He credits the people “showing so much love” to Officer Seward for the change in tune from the head office.

Tatum Report’s exclusive source explained that due to the massive amount of pressure from our community, everyone who reached out through phone calls or emails, Officer Seward, was reinstated. Brandon Tatum joked that “[D.C. Metro Command] was reaching out to him like he was the second coming of Christ.”

He said, “They were reaching out to him trying to fix this.” There is no indication that his pay has been reinstated; however, Brandon says, “they put him back where he is supposed to be.” Brandon Tatum announced on the same show that the crowdsourced fundraising was a huge success bringing in – at the time of the video – $75,000. Brandon said, “y’all raised $75,000 for this officer, and he is going to get every bit of that $75,000.”

He continued praising the community saying, “It is because of y’all’s dedication; because of y’all’s efforts, love and appreciation, we fought back. We got him reinstated.” However, Officer Seward’s fight is not over yet.

Our source tells us that Seward may still face up to 20+ workdays without pay as the “case” against Seward is still being investigated.

Brandon ended his show by saying, “Thank you guys for supporting Officer Seward. Thank you. Y’all raised $75,000 for him. You don’t have to donate anymore. I think that is sufficient. I don’t think y’all should call and blow up their phone lines anymore. I think that has been sufficient. However, we will revisit this if they decide to punish this officer for no reason.”

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