Brandon Tatum: Okay to Discuss Bail Reform, But for Liberals, It’s About Political Power

The Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre, where Darrell Brooks driving an SUV allegedly killed six people, including a child, and injured scores more, illustrates the concerns with bail reform. Before this ruthless act, Brooks had benefitted from lax “bail reform” laws that release criminals to commit more crimes.

The inimitable Brandon Tatum is the creator of the Tatum Report, co-founder of Blexit, and author of the just-released “Beaten Black and Blue.” As reported by FOX News Digital, he has some ideas about bail reform.

The court released Brooks after police arrested him for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend—by running her over with his car. Bail reformers had created an ironically cruel circumstance.

Speaking at AmericaFest, an event sponsored by Turning Point USA, Tatum said, “I think bail reform if done with the right mindset or in good faith, could be a good idea because then you can look at it in a more thorough sense.”

Tatum doesn’t believe we should look at “bail reform” through a leftist lens of “social justice correctness.” He says, “You don’t rehabilitate a deranged criminal by letting them out.” And finally, “For violent criminals with a thick record like Brooks Jr., letting him out with a pat on the back ‘is not the solution.'”

The former Tucson police officer believes calling a blanket policy to let people out of jail bail reform “is the wrong way to go about doing it.” Brooks’ mass killing is proof of that. Tatum lambasts liberal city officials for their version of bail and criminal justice “reform.”

“Why would you not smash and grab?” Tatum asked. “Why would you not go into Neiman Marcus or Louis Vuitton and get a $3,000 bag for free and then sell it and make 100% profit not paying taxes? And then if you get caught, they let you out.” Criminals aren’t punished for committing crimes; they’re rewarded for it.

Tatum equated being lax on crime and letting criminals out of jail too easily as “the dumbest thing ever.” He offered this humorous and fitting analogy: “It’s like saying I want to get rid of a rat infestation in my house, but [I’m going to] put cheese in one room, so they all come to one room.”

If done with a legitimate eye on fairness, bail reform may make sense. After all, why should the rich be released from jail after committing the same crime the poor commit but stay in jail? It’s about more than money, though. We all have advantages and disadvantages — that’s life. It’s about a totality of the circumstances.

Maybe there’s a 14th Amendment argument. Should Americans’ guarantee of equal protection under the law apply to bail? According to Tatum’s “good faith” argument, several factors should be considered when assessing an accused person’s bail.

Perhaps weighing the nature of the crime committed, past criminal history, and financial means, to name a few aspects, would be one way to take an honest look at the current bail system — sort of like how the DOL uses a points system as well as fines for driving offenses.

What Tatum is arguing for is for sanity to replace the left’s push to substitute equal justice with social justice and the rule of law with the rule of a political edict. The former cop does not believe the left acts in “good faith.” He says they just want votes.

Succinctly, Tatum concludes, “These people are idiots.”

  1. sort of like how the DOL uses a points system as well as fines for driving offenses. DOL? Department of Labor? Or did you meant DMV, Department of Motor Vehicle? I think they are the ones that would set points for driving offenses. Unless there is another meaning to DOL. But I’ve never heard of a Department of Law Enforcement.

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