Brandon Tatum Signs with Salem Media to Replace Larry Elder

The Salem Media Group recently announced the signing of Brandon Tatum to replace Larry Elder, who announced his retirement from radio on April 3rd. Tatum will also create a daily podcast out of the third hour of the radio show. He is slated to take over the network show with 387 total affiliates starting Monday, May 16.

Salem Senior Vice President of Spoken Word Phil Boyce explained, “Salem conducted a nationwide search, and some very big names were interested in taking this important slot. Brandon brings a unique talent to Salem, and has a strong following among the nation’s youth, with his involvement with Turning Point USA. His compelling story is riveting.” 

Tatum stated, “Words cannot describe what a blessing it is to be a part of the Salem family. I am incredibly humbled and honored to continue the legacy of the great Larry Elder.” He added that “My mission in life is to serve God with the gifts he has given me. Being the voice of and for the people is one of those gifts.”

With almost 3 million social media followers, including 1.9 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 900,000 Instagram followers, “The Officer Tatum Show” already has a huge following. The addition of a nationally syndicated radio show and a podcast on the Salem Podcast Network will only broaden his impact throughout the country. 

Tatum worked for the Tucson Police Department for seven years, rising through the ranks to become a member of the SWAT team and Public Information Officer. He also co-founded Blexit with Candace Owens, an organization devoted to redefining the black community’s narrative via education, community engagement, and empowerment. Additionally, he’s been invited to the Trump White House and given lectures at 30 colleges.

Carl Jackson, who has been filling in for Elder as a guest host since last summer when he campaigned for Governor in California and more recently after Elder decided to retire from radio, will continue as a sub for Tatum.

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