Brave Mother, Car Surrounded, Drove Into Violent BLM Mob, Refuses Plea Deal, Wants Trial

New York City Police Officers In Riot Gear Black Lives Matter Protests, 2020

Picture this: You’re a woman driving in New York City with your adult daughter. Suddenly, you’re swarmed by a violent BLM/Antifa-supporting militia, trying to break your car windows, and blocking your path. What would you do? 

According to the Daily Mail, 54-year-old Kathleen Casillo faced this life-or-death decision. Surrounded by thugs, she said were calling “her ‘a white privilege b**ch,’ before banging on the vehicle.” Then, she said, they tried to open the doors. Anyone think it was to hand them pamphlets? 

Last year, Casillo, in a DM interview, said, “she feared for her daughter’s life as a group of protesters started attacking her car and decided to hit the gas, eventually plowing into a group of activists in 2020.”

Police cited Casillo and released her (because she’d done nothing wrong) with a court date. Even the desk appearance ticket was unwarranted. Prosecutors later charged her with “reckless assault.”

Blue Lives Matter tweeted, “Law abiding NYC woman, Kathleen Casillo, who drove through violent BLM attackers says no to plea deal again, afraid for her safety. Incident occurred during the chaos when the streets were ruled by violent agitators engaged in lawlessness with impunity.


What other reasonable options did Casillo have? Bet their lives that a leftist militia with a history of street violence, including murder, wouldn’t harm them? Who would take that bet?

Either Casillo uses her car to escape the mob, or her family could have read about a violent mob dragging their loved ones from their car and beating or even killing them. Casillo prudently made the first choice and lived to tell her story to a jury, albeit during a malicious prosecution.  

This is why she’s refusing to take an “easy” plea deal. Casillo says, “I’m going to court to clear my name because I’m not guilty.”

Lawyer Mark Geragos, on FOX News, told Jesse Watters, “There is an old adage… If they offer you probation, and no time, that means they have got no case.”

The members of any jury will ask themselves a variation of the question posed earlier: “What would I do?”

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