BREAKING: Biden Says 97-98% of Americans need Vaccinations to get Back to Normal During a Photo-Op of Him Getting a Booster Shot

If you live in a red state, you have likely been open for a while. Your city might have a few Covid fanatics, but for the most part, Republican-led states have had the freedom that Democrat states haven’t seen in years.

Biden and the Democrats want to push the booster shot for the Covid vaccine, which the FDA just voted not to approve. In an effort to promote the vaccine’s safety, the White House televised Joe Biden receiving a booster shot. If you are counting, this makes Joe Biden’s third injection of the Covid vaccine.

While getting his armed prepped for the injection, a reporter asked Biden how many Americans does it take to get vaccinated before he’ll allow America to open. Keep in mind that Norway just dropped all Covid restrictions telling the world that the country realizes it’s time to recognize we will be living with Covid for a while.

Biden responds by telling the reporter that America can’t open “until the vast majority, 97-98%” of people get the vaccine.

Some say this is likely evident of Biden’s mind slipping away from him, and he didn’t mean to indicate nearly 100% of Americans must comply with the vaccine. In contrast, others say that the current time between a Conspiracy turning from theory to fact is only six months in America.


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