Brian Stelter Trys to Call Out “Repeaters”, Self-Awareness Seems to be Missing

Brian Stelter tweeted out a segment of his show, “Reliable Sources,” to tell us all how “reporting adds value” and “repeating often subtracts value.” The piece has Stelter touting about media trust vs. mistrust and even showing graphs. But what’s even more amazing is how he remains unaware that he is also part of the problem the whole time he is talking.

He describes repeaters as those in the media who tell you “to hate the other side.”

Of course, he has right-leaning anchors such as Laura Ingraham flashing on screen while he does it.  He even calls out One America News (OAN) by name because, according to him, they “play Donald Trump’s lies on a loop.” Stelter goes on to call out those on Twitter that only care about propaganda and other sites that choose to “cherry-pick stories. ”

And he would know a lot about this subject since CNN does the EXACT SAME THING.

The audacity of anyone in media to say there is not a hint of bias is just amazing! All media outlets have a preference in what stories to run. The reality is there is not enough time in the day to cover everything that could be considered news, even if you have the most prominent news corporation on the planet.

People like Brian Stelter just refuse to admit how they have helped cause this problem within the media. Instead, they would rather demonize people like us.


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