Britney Spears Gains Steps In Legal Battle; Americans Come Together For Human Rights

Britney Spears was in court again Wednesday regarding the conservatorship her father holds over her.

While Jamie Spears was not removed as conservator, the judge granted Britney the right to choose her own attorney; a choice previously unavailable to the pop singer.

Three weeks ago, the world heard a distraught Britney pour her heart out to the judge for well over 20 minutes.

Jamie has been a co-conservator for over a decade, along with Jodi Montgomery of Bessemer Trust joining the conservatorship in 2019, controlling nearly every aspect of Britney’s life.

At the court hearing in June, Britney detailed the pain and imprisonment she’s been faced with daily because her father, through the conservatorship, makes all of her decisions for her. This includes her ability to make a doctor’s appointment for the removal of her birth control device.

When Bessemer Trust was appointed co-conservator, they assumed conservatorship of the person, meaning Britney’s daily life and well-being, while Jamie maintained control of the money.

Despite the tragedies Britney explained through her tears, the judge ruled in favor of her father that day. A determined Britney was not going to allow that to stop her. She’s had enough of living her life on other people’s terms.

Wednesday’s court hearing was a huge win on the path to her freedom as the judge granted Britney’s request to choose her own representation.

By allowing her to choose her attorney, Britney can find a true advocate who will help her attain freedom once and for all.

She didn’t have faith in her previous attorney, Samuel Ingrahm. He was a court-appointed public defender and had not performed the right maneuvers to afford Britney her sovereignty.

Ingrahm filed a petition to resign as her counsel on July 2, after Britney had criticized him in court and asked the judge if she could pick her own attorney.

Wednesday’s events made Ingrahm’s resignation official as Britney’s new “pitbull” of an attorney, Mathew Rosengart, took his place. Her new attorney will stop at nothing to get Britney what she deserves and has the experience to do so.

“Mathew is a very aggressive attorney who is already setting himself up as Britney’s protector and advocate,” Heather Hansen, trial attorney and legal analyst told USA TODAY.

Though not her legal counsel until the judge makes it official, she retained the former federal prosecutor and Hollywood counsel, who accompanied her to court. Rosengart has previously represented Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck, and Sean Penn.

“I’m not representing her alone,” Rosengart explained. He’ll be assisted by “a team of attorneys at my firm” who “all have substantial probate experience.”

Another win for Britney was when Bessemer Trust filed to remove themselves, citing “changed circumstances” as the reason. The judge granted Bessemer Trust and Jodi Montgomery removed from co-conservatorship, leaving only Jamie Spears in charge.

Both Jamie and Montgomery have been pointing fingers at each other, neither party taking responsibility in Britney’s claims. Jamie claimed that he had nothing to do with certain decisions, that he was only responsible for signing the checks.

Jamie’s attorney, Vivian Thoreen, claimed that many of Britney’s allegations – such as those regarding her contraceptive – fall on the conservator of the person, which is Montgomery.

Montgomery’s attorney rebukes the claims that because Montgomery is not a conservator of the estate, she cannot just do as she pleases because everything must go through Jamie.

Montgomery’s attorney also acknowledged that Britney might be facing “mental illness” but that they all “need to work as a team to help get her better … not put her on the stand for cross-examination.”

With Bessemer Trust stepping down, Jamie becomes full conservator and regains total control over Britney and her estate. Britney’s new attorney questions why Jamie Spears will not step down from the conservatorship voluntarily.

However, Jaimie’s attorney has claimed the reason is that it’s “not appropriate to ask” him to do so, despite Britney saying, “this conservatorship has allowed my dad to ruin my life.”

The point of conservatorship is to help a person who cannot help themselves — until they are capable of caring for themselves again, if ever. This has the potential to lead to a person being taken advantage of, with no way to stop it from happening. Britney briefly mentions this subject in her original plea, stating that other people are in the same situation.

Britney’s case has prompted many notables to come to her aid and show their support.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has long campaigned against California conservatorships because they are too easy to impose and challenging to escape.

Along with 25 civil and disability organizations, the ACLU filed a friend-of-the-court brief late Monday, supporting Britney’s American right to pick her own lawyer under the 6th Amendment right to counsel.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz even championed for the singer at a #FREEBRITNEY rally. He even invited her to congress to speak on these matters, stating “there is no stage in the world for Britney Spears.”

“Britney Spears has been abused by the media, a grifter father, and the American justice system. We need to come together and create a federal cause of action,” tweeted Gaetz.

Perhaps he said something many people will agree with, including Britney herself, “This case should open our eyes to the broader abuse that occurs in this system to the millions of Americans impacted.”

She may be the most prominent case, but Britney isn’t the only one being abused by the system. Let us pray that it’s her case that creates the positive change so desperately needed.


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