California Judge Gives Illegal Alien Cop-Killer Shortest Sentence Possible

As if cops, especially in California, needed any reminders of just how little some people within the criminal justice system think of police officers’ lives, a “woke” judge is reminding them, anyway.

In 2019, El Dorado County Deputy Brian Ishmael responded to a 911 report from property owner Christopher Ross of someone allegedly stealing pot plants from his garden. On a ride-along with him was a deputy from another county.

The moment the deputies contacted the suspects, according to ABC 10 News, “prosecutors say Vasquez Orozco opened fire at the deputies and a prolonged gun battle ensued.” Reportedly, “Orozco shot [deputy] Ishmael four times… killing him.” He also shot the other deputy in the upper thigh and shot at two other responding deputies but missed. During the shootout, deputies wounded Orozco who has recovered from his injuries.

To make matters worse, the deputies never should have been there. Ross failed to inform the deputies that he’d allowed those men to harvest plants in exchange for “money and a used jeep.” No theft was occurring. Ross “was convicted of felony voluntary manslaughter….”

Initially, Orozco, who was in the U.S. illegally, according to The Police Tribune, faced up to 40 years in prison for the murder, additional time for shooting the other deputy, and time added for gun enhancements. In court, Orozco showed no remorse and when given the opportunity to apologize to Ishmael’s family, he declined.

With these odious facts in mind, the black robe-clad imposter impersonating a Sacramento Superior Court judge sentenced the convicted cop-killer to only 15 years to life. Her reasoning was as obtuse as it was insane.

After quashing all the gun enhancements, “Judge” Sharon Lueras “justified her leniency, saying that ‘Vasquez Orozco did not pose a danger to the public, that the crime was situational, that the crimes were merely the result of misinformation and mostly the fault of the property owner.’”

District Attorney Vern Pierson called the sentence “shockingly shorter than the one proposed by prosecutors.”

Court observers could be forgiven for wondering how this person could muster the judicial acumen to figure out which end of the gavel to use.

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