Californians Suffer Without Energy During Oppressive Heat Wave

It’s not only the heat that’s oppressive in the Bay Area but also California’s state government. With a governor, Gavin Newsom, shackled to stupid, he and his Democrat allies in Sacramento condemn people to an unrealistic “transition” from fossil fuels to, as Tucker Carson recently described, even more environmentally damaging “renewable energy.” 

Describing California’s latest self-inflicted energy wound, Ari Hoffman at the Post Millennial wrote, “After warnings of strain in California’s electrical grid, thousands of customers in the Bay Area were without power as of Monday.”

Unsurprisingly, “PG&E did not specify the cause of the outages, nor did the company announce when power will be restored.”

That’s because the causes of the outages are the Dems sitting behind desks at the State Capitol. The primary culprit is the dictatorial governor, Gavin Newsom, who is so “woke” he can’t blink his eyes.

As the Post Millennial also pointed out, the outage “came only days after the Golden State announced that they would be banning the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035.”

Newsom’s new state energy protocol seems to be the state mandates a “transition” to electric vehicles (EV) followed by the state ordering EV owners not to charge their cars because of the strain on the state’s castrated energy grid.

Just wait until people with only (uncharged) EVs need to evacuate wildfires started by California’s intentionally sabotaged forest management. 

Either Newsom thought about that, or he didnt.

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