Cambridge, Mass. Adults Shattering Kids’ Trust, Hosting “Girlx” Sports Event

It’s imperative and difficult for parents (adults generally) to establish and, especially, maintain children’s trust. Kids trust responsible adults will tell them the truth, so they can navigate life as they mature.

What will happen to kids’ trust in adults as they grow older and realize some adults, even their parents, have told them boys can be girls and vice versa? How can they trust what any adult says after telling them such an elemental lie? A girl/boy can pretend s/he’s a boy/girl or even sincerely believe it, but that makes it no more real than believing he or she is a walrus.

Cambridge Sports Night for Girlx

That isn’t stopping irresponsible adults in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from lying to impressionable children in their charge. According to John Rigolizzo at The Daily Wire, “The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is hosting a youth sports event for “girlx.” If you’re wondering about the “x,” it is a virtue signal lunatics kindly provide so sane people can know they are dealing with insane people.

Rigolizzo also reported, “The city announced that it would host the free event for elementary school children from kindergarten through 5th grade [5 – 10 years old] on Wednesday. The event is open to ‘girlx’ who want to get involved in local sports. The city defines the world [sic] ‘girlx’ as all who identify ‘as a girl or with girlhood,’ in the same vein as other gender-inclusive neologisms like ‘womxn’ and ‘Latinx.’”

January 20, 2018 Seattle Washington Trust Womxn March

American society will one day pay the price for these woke adults lying to our children. But, our children will pay the highest price when they don’t know who or what to believe about anything. These adults, saturated in a radical leftist tradition-, culture-, and science-destroying ideology, are shattering American children’s trust in adults. Sadly, this includes public school teachers and many of their own parents.


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