Canada’s Conversion Therapy Bill Makes It Illegal To Tell A Child To Accept Their Biological Sex

The House of Commons of Canada passed Bill C-6, which amends Canada’s criminal code to reflect changes to the State’s view on conversion therapy. This form of therapy is strictly used in an attempt to convert a member of the LGBTQ community into someone who is straight.

Unlike the protections for people who identify as gay, the conversion therapy bill doesn’t find it illegal for someone to be coerced from straight to someone who identifies as gay. It’s legal to force LGBTQ ideology on everyone because the State sees that as sexual “exploration,” not coercion.

According to Bill C-6, the Canadian government doesn’t see it offensive if someone wants to distribute material “that relates to the exploration and development of an integrated personal identity without favoring any particular sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

This implies that Canadian parents are no longer allowed to counsel their children to choose their biological gender as this is now considered forced conversion therapy.

Bill C-6 Definition of Conversion Therapy:

“Conversion therapy means a practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, to change a person’s gender identity or gender expression to cisgender or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behavior or non-cisgender gender expression.”

The bill gives parental powers to the State by saying, “Everyone who knowingly causes a person who is under the age of 18 years to undergo conversion therapy is guilty of an indictable offense.” The punishment for sitting your 13-year-old son down and explaining to him the biological reasons why he can never be a female is imprisonment for up to five years.

In addition to redefining and creating safeguards against parental involvement in raising their children how they see fit, the Canadian government passed Bill C-4, which, according to Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC), extended its power into Church teachings on sexuality.

From the LCC:

“Last week, the federal parliament of Canada passed Bill C-4 with the support of all political parties and no opposition from any elected member of parliament. This bill, while purporting to protect individuals from coercion and abuse in the form of “conversion therapy,” will instead criminalize Christianity in our country.

This bill’s wording is sufficiently broad to allow for the criminal prosecution of Christians who would speak biblical truth into the lives of those in bondage to sexual sins like homosexuality and transgenderism. If passed by the senate, even a mother or father who offers their children freedom from sexual sin through repentance and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 6:9-11) could be threatened with five years in jail.”

Bill C-4 does not explicitly outlaw the biblical view on sexuality but instead allows for ambiguous language that leads to judges legislating from the bench.

  1. While I don’t agree that parents wishes on the issue of sexual orientation & transgenderism should be ignored & criminalised, this Bill does not criminalise Christianity. There are many Christians world wide who do not accept that homosexuality & transvestism are sexual sins. Some Christian scholars for example, believe that the puritan interpretation of Paul’s letters to the Corithinians have been mistranslated from the original Hebrew. The issue of homosexuality & transvestism & their moral acceptance by the Church is a live debate.

    It should be noted that Christian puritans are not the only religious groups that will be affected by this legislation. Muslims, ultra-orthodox Jews, fundamentalist Hindus & other groups will also be affected.

    While conversion therapy should never be used to convert anyones sexuality against their will as often occurs with some religious groups, conversion therapy should be permitted for those who genuinely seek help to change their sexual orientation. It is entirely wrong for any Govt to assume that all persons who seek conversion therapy do so against their will. At the same time, conversion therapy practitioners should be registered health professionals, either clinical psychologists or psychiatrists with specific training in conversion therapy recognised by their respective professional organisations and who are not associated with any religious organisation.

    The focus for children must always be in their “best interests”, which may not always be in line with their parents beliefs. Criminalisation however, is an unnecessary, authoritarian intrusion & massive over-reach by the State into the private life of the family. Far better to allow a process of mediation/counselling between all parties enforced if necessary by the Family Court.

    If this Bill is passed, those who can’t accept it should leave Canada as it will be backed by the conservative opposition and consequently unlikely to be repealed. Sadly, similar Bills are being put forward in other nations by leftwing Governments.

  2. People!! This Marmee Rookie thing has serious reading comprehension PROBLEM. Read the Bill C-6 yourself. She is totally twisting the real words of the bill.

  3. Back the truck up. Simply sitting a 13-year-old down and explaining to them the biological reasons why they can never be the opposite sex is NOT knowingly causing them to undergo conversion therapy. A parent insisting that they undergo conversion therapy would be a violation of this bill. And that is a violation of parental rights.

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