Canada’s Prime Megalomaniac Justin Trudeau’s Attempting to License Journalists

Justin Trudeau has three more years in his term to solidify his hold on power in the formerly free nation of Canada. Under that man’s “leadership,” the once dignified nation of hockey, maple syrup, nice people, and natural beauty is nearly unrecognizable.

He recently crushed political dissent, confiscating property and bank accounts, when peaceful protesters threatened his political goals. Sadly, it appears much of Canada has either gone along with him, been intimidated into silence, or he’s simply stealing their media voices. The latter may be the answer.

As explained on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Trudeau is creating a regime where only media friendly to his rule can have government access and may publish their stories. Rebel News‘ Esra Levant said most of Canada’s media outlets are now dependent on Trudeau for money. He says Rebel News, which provided honest coverage of the “Freedom Convoy” movement, is one of the few media news outlets left in Canada not dependent on Trudeau’s handouts.

Reportedly, Trudeau is implementing a media licensing scheme where only friendly journalists will be licensed. Levant said Rebel News is not illegal–yet. However, he also said Canada wants to force Facebook and Twitter not to post Rebel News releases.

Rebel News is no longer “allowed to attend government press conferences…” and they’re being punished under the Income Tax Act, which won’t allow their contributors tax write-offs while other “licensed” media consumers enjoy this privilege.

Nothing says press freedom like creating a government office called the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization (QCJO). Levant says it consists of “A panel of five people who meet in secret: We don’t know what they said or did or what they looked at. And they claim that only one percent of our stories are news….” No bias there, right?

Rebel News alleges the QCJO used this secretive process to refuse Rebel News a “journalism license.”

But Rebel News, being a rebel, is fighting back. They just announced they are suing Trudeau over the refusal.

Trudeau’s affinity for Marxist regimes like China and Cuba is well-known. It seems Canada’s tyrant is striving to have his wonderful nation join their ranks.

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