Canadian Bank That Froze Freedom Convoy Accounts Apologizes

This may be a bad omen for Canada’s petty tyrant, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to Rebel News, Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest banks has issued an apology to BJ Dichter, an organizer of the Freedom Convoy.

The Freedom Convoy comprised Canadian Truckers, representing ordinary Canadians who opposed Trudeau’s harsh CCP virus lockdowns and vax and mask mandates. To squelch free speech and peaceful protest, it appears Trudeau misused the Emergencies Act, giving the federal government sweeping powers to crush the peaceful protests and protesters.

“Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland used powers granted by the Emergencies Act to order banks to cease providing services with individuals associated with Canada’s largest protest against COVID restrictions.”

Toronto radio host Marc Patrone reported Scotiabank’s apology on his Substack page. During the peaceful protests, Dichter and many other Canadians found their bank accounts had been frozen by the Trudeau administration, using government officials, sadly, including the RCMP.

Dichter said, “I don’t believe the banks went out of their way to target clients. I believe it came from somewhere else. They didn’t do it on their own accord.” He also said the letter surprised him but figures the banks “are probably nervous about massive customer backlash….” He suggested this was “damage control.”

Scotiabank, Office of the President, wrote, “‘We can confirm that financial institutions acted quickly to unfreeze accounts after the RCMP notified us that it believes that individuals and entities previously identified are no longer engaged in conduct or activities prohibited under the Emergency Measures Regulations.’ Scotiabank appeared “to [be] laying the blame for the decision to freeze them in the first place at the feet of the RCMP.”

The fact the Canadian government endorsed leftist (BLM) protests while quashing a more conservative movement (Freedom Convoy) presents an uncomfortable but unavoidable realization for Canadians. It appears their prime minister is using his awesome “emergency” powers unethically (maybe illegally) to crush peaceful dissent he does not agree with.

Trudeau can prevaricate, extrapolate, or justify all he wants. But Canadians, and the world, know exactly what he doing to free speech–and now, gun rights, which is solidifying his descent into total tyranny.

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