Canadian Doctor First to Diagnose Patient as Suffering from “Climate Change”

According to The Hill, in a British Columbia, Canada hospital, a doctor has officially diagnosed a patient as suffering from “climate change.” Yes, a medical doctor seems to have exchanged his patient’s chart for a political agenda.

Pandemics of mass hysteria appear to be flourishing. First, mass hysteria is driving the CCP virus exploitation, which has led to apparent mass psychosis. And this has caused unwarranted societal fear and anxiety, such as in Seattle. Now, aside from the virus, leftist-defined climate change is also causing additional mass hysteria.

Dr. Kyle Merritt, an ER doc in Nelson, B.C., has extrapolated this past summer’s heatwave to arrive at climate change causes to diagnose a human’s medical condition. While climate change is a scientific study, radical leftists have usurped the discussion and turned it political.

The doctor believes the effects of climate change, as the left defines it, are an “underlying cause” of his patient’s symptoms. He made this political diagnosis for his patient, a female in her 70s, “after a heatwave in June sent temperatures soaring past 121 degrees Fahrenheit.” The record-breaking heat anomaly affected the entire Pacific Northwest region.

Reportedly, over 500 Canadians died from heat-related causes. Also, wildfires reduced air quality to 43 times worse than normal. There was no mention of failing to use forest fire mitigation techniques to reduce wildfires. The doctor only connected the deaths to climate change.

Extreme heat or cold often takes elderly victims with pre-existing conditions, but proponents of manmade climate change are now blaming these natural weather anomalies. And they cite only the “science” that supports their political climate position.

Exacerbating the patient’s condition, Dr. Merritt said, “She has diabetes. She has some heart failure… She lives in a trailer [with] no air conditioning. All of her health problems have all been worsened.”

And it appears Dr. Merritt is not alone. Following his climate change “diagnosis,” fellow clinicians “launched Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health.”

This climate change “diagnosis” appears to be among an uptick in political public health crises. Last April, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky “diagnosed” racism as a “serious public health threat.” Then, in October, the New York City Board of Health similarly declared racism a “public health crisis.” And Dr. Walensky has also used the same language, declaring law-abiding gun ownership a health crisis.

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