Canadian Grocery Store Accused of Requiring Vaccine Passport for Shoppers

New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard has reportedly announced that all businesses, including grocery stores, can require customers to show a vaccination passport before entering.

According to “Must Read Alaska,” Canadian provinces have sovereignty on vaccine passport choices, and food shops remain available to all Canadians, regardless of vaccination status. However, one grocery store allegedly requires proof of vaccination to shop. 

The nonprofit Politifact, which the nonprofit Poynter Institute controls, refutes the claim that individuals in New Brunswick are being barred from buying groceries.

But “Must Read Alaska” Fact Check Desk claims to have discovered a government document from New Brunswick that permits retailers to discriminate against those who haven’t had the shot. The outlet reports that one of New Brunswick’s two main supermarkets currently requires a vaccination passport.

Recent protests in Moncton, New Brunswick, shut down the main roadways for several hours, and some attendees claimed it was one of the largest protests they had ever seen in the 85,000-person town.

As of November 30, unvaccinated Canadians were also prohibited from flying or traveling by train.  A reported 77% of eligible Canadians have been fully vaccinated, and the country has recently started vaccinating people as young as five years old.

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