Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Outlaws Canadians’ God-Given Right to Self-Defense

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

In one of the most twisted and sadistic attacks by a purportedly free country’s government against its supposedly free people, Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau just outlawed self-defense in Canada. At least, he may as well have. It’s not hyperbole to say without a right to the most efficient means of self-defense, a handgun, a person’s right to self-defense is virtually non-existent.

If Americans ever wonder about the differences between the U.S. and Canada, one huge one is the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, which contains the 2nd Amendment.

U.S. Constitution

Patriotic Canadians will attempt to defend their self-defense/gun rights, but unlike Americans, they don’t have a 2nd Amendment recognizing their God-given right to protect themselves. They must depend on the whims of self-serving politicians, in this case, a Marxist totalitarian. Something America’s founders knew would happen and took steps to prevent. 

Townhall tweeted, “TRUDEAU: ‘From today forward, it is no longer legal to buy, sell, or transfer a handgun in Canada.’”

According to FOX News, “Trudeau on Friday announced a freeze on handgun sales and transfers. The handgun freeze, which went into effect Friday, outlaws sales, purchases and other transfers of handguns between individuals.”

Now, tragically, (outside law enforcement and the military) only Canadian criminals will own handguns because an elected megalomaniacal tyrant has declared it so.

Canadian and Communist Chinese Flags

Isn’t it time for Canadians to throw off the chains of oppression with which Trudeau and his political allies have shackled them? Canadians are known as some of the nicest and most decent people among the nations of the earth. But, since they didn’t elect one of those to office, perhaps it’s time to keep the decent label but shed some of the nice and take their country back during their next election.  


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