Candace Owens Exposes Left Wing Media’s Bias In Fiery Instagram Video

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Political Commentator and Daily Wire host, Candace Owens, once again proved how dangerous our left-wing media bias is. During her opening monologue, Owens attempted to make a point about the radical policies in Australia. 

She said: 

“When do we deploy troops to Australia? When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people suffering under a totalitarian regime? Its citizens are quite literally being imprisoned against their will…”

She then said, “Of course I ask that in jest because we all know what the real answer is.”

The Guardian immediately twisted her words and printed a censorious headline titled “Rightwing Pundit Candace Owens Suggests the US invade Australia to Free An Oppressed People.”

The Guardian failed to mention in the headline that she made the remarks “in jest.” Instead, they spread a smear campaign against Owens in an attempt to rile up readers. In their article, they make a point to quote Australians who are not suffering, without providing any context as to where in the country they live. It is only in the 7th paragraph that they include her “jest” quote.

On her show earlier this week, Candace’s opening monologue detailed the extreme lockdown policies in Australia. She asked Australians to write to her show to give information on what is currently going on. Her husband’s family friend wrote a note which Candace called “genuinely shocking.” During her opening monologue, she read the email from a woman who lives in Queensland, detailing 15 Covid rules that are in place.  

The Rules From Australia

  1. A limited number of people allowed in household and sometimes no visitors
  2. Funerals can only have between 5-10 people
  3. People must scan QR codes to go everywhere including toilets
  4. Curfews and helicopters are patrolling the skies
  5. Not allowed to go past 5km (3 miles) from your home
  6. Not allowed to sit in parks, gyms, public spaces
  7. Not allowed to eat or drink while standing anywhere
  8. No dancing
  9. Only 1 person per household is allowed to go shopping for only essentials
  10. At times police have checked what people are buying
  11. Dog parks, beaches, and, playgrounds are barricaded
  12. Masks are required outside and in cars when driving alone (in Queensland)
  13. International borders are closed
  14. Small businesses are shut down
  15. Citizens are locked out of their home state (not allowed to return unless they get a vaccine and go through a strict application process)

After reading through the extensive list, she says, “Tyranny is happening under the guise of this virus.” In an Instagram Live video, she calls out The Guardian for crafting the false headline to make sure people don’t hear her monologue. After fiercely exposing the media’s lies, she writes on Instagram, “Are you awake yet?! Do you see the evil? Do you understand there is value for these evil globalists in your perpetual state of fear?”

Owens says that her lawyer will be reaching out, noting the U.K.’s libel laws. She says,

“The U.K. has very strong libel laws, and you can’t just lie like that. And I want a full retraction. To pretend that I was not joking, when I quite literally said, ‘I say that in jest’ — it’s demonic, it’s satanic.”

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