Candace Owens’ Mein Kampf Comments Drives Left Loony—Again

Candace Owens, co-founder Blexit

The censorship left’s reaction to Candace Owens’ remarks about Adolph Hitler’s infamous book Mein Kampf as a “historical textbook” is absurd but not surprising. It betrays their desperation in seeking something—anything—to condemn her for, as leftist AlterNet tries to do. 

Mein Kampf

But, according to Twitchy, the “disgust” also comes “from Republicans and conservatives.” But only those who refuse to think critically about Owens’ actual words. 

Owens said, “A little reminder, if you actually go on Amazon right now, you can order and read ‘Mein Kampf.’ It is not an endorsement of Adolf Hitler to read a historical textbook. It just is not, right? And the idea that we should be censoring all this information and no one should see it because it hurts some group of people, to me, just does not gel well with our First Amendment rights.”

There’s one other description the leftist loonies left out: Owens is right.

Written in the 1920s, the book is historical. And it is a textbook in the sense that Hitler wrote it, in part, as a reference, documenting his twisted tyrannical views. Reading it highlights the aphorism, “those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

The radical left wants nothing more than for Americans to forget history so that they can fill the void. The book is evil, written by one of the evilest men to ever breathe Earth’s air. But in the context of not repeating history, isn’t this terrifying tome a “textbook?” 

Various sources describe the book as a “political tract,” a madman’s screed, and often a Nazi manifesto. But why should the description matter in this context? A blurb about the book at describes “Mein Kampf (My Struggle), [as] often called the Nazi bible….”

When a madman writes a “textbook” detailing how his followers can bring down a government and replace it with a death cult, as Gen. Patton said, sensing victory over Hitlers field marshal in Tunisia, during a WWII tank battle, “Rommel, you magnificent bastard. I read your book.”

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