Candace Owens “Savages” BLM Founder with Grace and Charm

Brandon Tatum, host of the new The Officer Tatum Show, took time out of his busy schedule to provide an example of leftist gaslighting, courtesy of his Blexit co-founder, Candace Owens.

So, Owens flips the script on BLM. She gathered a bunch of thugs and then descended on one of Marxist BLM’s founders’ new homes.

Owens screeched her demand that Cullors believe exactly as she does or she suffer the consequences. She and her crew then broke windows, chanted death threats, and threatened to burn down the BLM house.

Hold up… That doesn’t sound at all like the Candace Owens people know and love. That’s because it’s not. But, according to a video Patrisse Cullors made about the “incident,” you’d swear Owens went on a BLM-style rampage.

As The Officer Tatum points out, Owens, “In 1:18 seconds, literally destroyed what was left of Patrisse Cullors’ reputation.”

Cullors claims Owens showed up outside her house with a “news crew… demanding I come outside.” That didn’t happen.

Rather, through a driveway intercom, Owens calmly and politely said, “Hello. I’d like to speak to whoever lives at this property because it’s listed as a Black Lives Matter property.”

On the video, Cullors says, “The fact that she came outside my house…and demanded and harassed me is unacceptable.” That didn’t happen either.

Rather, Owens specifically says, “We’re not trying to harass you. We’ll gladly leave. We’re just wondering if we can speak to anybody?”

Through tears, Cullors continues describing the horrific incident, saying she wants her “family to be safe. And this… what happened this morning, is not safety.”

Anyone think Cullors opposes the protests at Supreme Court justices’ homes?

Owens ends her communications with the person inside, saying, “Thank you, sir. Have a great day.”

The Officer Tatum emphasizes Cullors is sobbing over a “pregnant” Candace Owens doing her job. He also says it’s foolish of anyone still has any faith in Cullors.

“These people are so fake,” the former Tucson cop told his audience. He can’t believe anyone could believe the woman has any integrity. Especially after people watch her lie about her “encounter” with Owens.

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