Carbon Dioxide Shortage May Threaten Brewery Businesses

Small breweries are feeling the pain of limited carbon dioxide supplies. Carbon dioxide, CO2 is essential to the beer brewing business. Co2 gives beer its crisp taste by ensuring there are bubbles and foam in the beer.

Unfortunately, supply chain issues, as well as contamination at a Co2 facility are making it difficult for breweries to accrue the product. Night Shift Brewery in Everett, Massachusetts announced it will have to lay off staff and suspend operations because of the lack of Co2. The brewery wrote on Instagram,

“Last week, we learned that our CO2 supply has been cut for the foreseeable future, possibly more than a year until we get more…Come October 1, we won’t likely have jobs for many of this team.”

A large carbon dioxide facility in Mississippi recently experienced contamination, causing severe disruptions. Microbreweries tend to be more affected than large corporate breweries because the larger operations may have carbon capture.

Bob Pease, the president and CEO of the Brewers Association stated his hopes that the carbon dioxide supply issue will be resolved within the next three months.

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