In the Case of Derek Chauvin America's Justice System Failed

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“We are looking for a guilty verdict,” Rep. Maxine Waters said before Chauvin’s verdict was announced.

No matter what opinion you ended with regarding the case against former Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, one thing is sure. The case’s outcome was determined before it started. Derek Chauvin could never walk out of that courtroom a free man because the legacy media told Americans it wasn’t allowed to happen.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, etc., all grouped together to run with the false narrative of the racist cop who murdered an innocent black man. It was profitable to push the race war for the ratings. The media companies knew they had millions of captive Americans watching the video of George Floyd dying and would call for a governmental response.

Like other conservatives, I was outraged with the nine-minute video showing George struggling to breathe, calling out for what we thought was his mother. I thought, “How could Chauvin just sit there and murder this man in broad daylight without any worry on his face?”

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This case made me reach out to friends and let them know I loved them. For no other reason than the fact that they are black, and I am white. The race war was beginning again, and I needed them to know I wasn’t racist. My very liberal black friend responded by saying that she knew a long time ago that I wasn’t.

Relieved that my actions and words spoke louder than the color of my skin, I thought how ridiculous I must have sounded, making sure she knew I didn’t hate her for her skin color. That’s when I woke up. The media wanted me to worry about this. They wanted me to be clued into the race aspect to ignore the mounting evidence; that this was not the reality that the media painted.

Whenever a new piece of information came out about George Floyd’s death, the country consumed and dissected it with such intensity that the truth was stifled. The Minnesota police department failed Americans by keeping Derek Chauvin’s bodycam footage a secret for so long.

With little information and super partisan media willing to lie for their narrative, Americans made up their own conclusions. Protests turned to riots, and riots turned to occupied spaces. Agitators were traveling across state lines burning cities along the way. The media was busy creating George Floyd into a deity while also making Derek Chauvin into the second coming of Satan.

We later found out that George Floyd was responsible for an armed robbery where he held a pregnant woman at gunpoint while his group robbed her house. George spent time in and out of prison. He had zero dreams of changing the world, unlike his self-proclaimed drug addict girlfriend claims.

Before the trial began, the shine had worn off for Americans like me. It got hard to ignore the reports that came out about possible fatal drug levels in his bloodstream and his propensity to claim he “can’t breathe” while being arrested. It wasn’t that I believe he should have died for any of this, but I was no longer convinced that Derek Chauvin was a racist that committed murder.

The narrative that caused Minneapolis to burn multiple times was never presented as a factual argument to Chauvin’s motive because it was all a lie. George Floyd had the cops called on him by a teenager that Floyd was harassing. Floyd gave the teen grief after asking Floyd for additional money as the bill used in the transaction was fake.

The complete bodycam footage showed a completely different story. Derek Chauvin never called Floyd a racist name or suggested he didn’t deserve humanity. In fact, in one conversation, Chauvin is attempting to put Floyd in the car when Floyd claims he can’t breathe. Chauvin responded by negotiating with Floyd. I was no longer watching a passive, innocent black man being murdered by a racist cop. I saw an uncooperative suspect resisting arrest in any form.

Later it was revealed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, that Floyd has a 90% blockage in one artery and a 75% blockage in another. During the trial, he describes the likely factors of Floyd’s death that included methamphetamine use, heart disease, and three times the amount of fentanyl needed to kill him.

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Floyd was saying he couldn’t breathe long before Derek Chauvin ever placed him on the ground. George Floyd’s drug dealer, Morries Hall, was riding in Floyd’s car at his arrest. Hall was a defense witness that would have spoken to Floyd’s erratic and intoxicated behavior during the arrest but decided to plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid third-degree murder charges over Floyd’s potential overdose death.

Derek Chauvin’s defense was stuck trying to argue that George Floyd died of a drug overdose and not the Derek Chauvin used excessive force and murdered him without the witness that would assert that fact. The defense did have ‘use-of-force’ expert Barry Bonds, who testified that he “felt that Derek Chauvin was justified, was acting with objective reasonableness, following Minneapolis Police Department policy and current standards of law enforcement in his interaction with Mr. Floyd.”

Chauvin’s lawyers proved that his knee and, therefore, his body weight was not resting on Floyd but rather shifting and adjusting. Derek Chauvin may have been neglectful, but it wasn’t murderous.

Any objective person would assert that this was a circus with Derek Chauvin featured as the live act and not a just system at work. Witnesses that took the stand to help ensure a Chauvin conviction were raising money hand over fist to help deal with the “trauma” of the trial. An alternate juror said she was scared to acquit Floyd for fear of people coming to her house and threatening her. There were also reports admitting that BLM activists made it onto the jury.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison admitted that he ‘felt a little bad’ for Derek Chauvin because “at the end of the day, I hope we never forget that people who are defendants in our criminal justice system.” Ellison helped push the narrative that Chauvin was a racist cop and applauded efforts to defund the police. But now Ellison says that they “don’t have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race.”

The trial was never meant to give us a fair outcome. The judge refused any reasonable measures at making the trial free from bias. The lack of jury sequestering coupled with the attempted doxing of the jurors by the media before the verdict was read should garner more of a response from the judge than empty chastisement.

Attempts were made by the defense to bring equality to the scales of justice, but it always had a futile end. The riots and threats ensured that the media narrative would win. As I said before, the trial was there to serve one purpose only, and the truth wasn’t it.

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