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Cat Channels Inner Bravery And Jumps From Burning Building

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Riiver Nihil

A raging fire erupted on the upper floors of a Chicago apartment complex last week.

The Chicago Fire Department responded to the matter and were putting out the fire as per usual, while one fire department member was filming the incident. He never expected to capture something totally unexpected and miraculous, but that is precisely what happened.

The footage shows grey smoke billowing out of several windows on the fifth floor. Firefighters are breaking out a few windows to the left with what appears to be a pickaxe and targeting hot spots in efforts to control and put out the raging fire. A small black shadow is seen in the third window from the right.

It all seems routine until suddenly a black cat springs forth from the window, jumping far out and away from the building at the bewilderment and gasps of on-lookers.

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Like a feline superman, he sails over a wall and easily lands on his feet. He bounces off the grass before darting away safely and fully intact, albeit down to eight lives after that incredible feat.

The cat ran under one of the firefighter’s vehicles for a few minutes before attempting to scale the wall and get back into the apartment complex. Unsuccessful, the cat took off again. Attempts to locate him that day were in vain, as he was likely traumatized from the ordeal.

The now infamous kitty was later identified as Hennessey, a house cat that had never been outside prior to his taking flight.

He was smart enough to test the waters and gauge his jump before he took the leap. The footage shows him placing a paw on the ledge and surveying the area before sailing through the air and landing like a champ.

A human falling from those heights would surely sustain multiple injuries and up the residency in the local hospital for a while. The fire department would be picking the human off the ground and contacting the family to say their goodbyes. Feline physiology is a marvelous construction that allows cats to survive even the most harrowing of height situations.

His owners are still on the hunt for him as he hasn’t returned home yet.

No one was injured in the apartment fire, and it is still unclear what has caused it.

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