Catholic University Unveils “Mama” Painting, Replacing Jesus with George Floyd

At the Catholic University of America, paintings depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ are hanging in the campus ministry and the law school. The paintings are meant to imitate Michelangelo’s immortal “Pieta. In the original work of art, Jesus is being held by his mother, Mary, after his crucifixion. 

The artist of the new painting is Kelly Latimore.

He calls his version of the painting Mama. He created the painting in June 2020, following the death of George Floyd. A spokesperson for Latimore said, “Mama is done as a pieta,” and shows “a mother with her son of color who was unjustly murdered by the state.”

During an interview with The Christian Century, Latimore stated, “It was commissioned by my partner Evie Schoenherr as a way to mourn George Floyd.” He added that he often gets questioned about whether it is depicting Floyd or Jesus. Latimore says he answers “yes,” and that the “nonanswer frustrated the hell out of a lot of people.”

The vice president for the university’s communications said, “You can identify Jesus by the marks in the halo.”

Several students expressed anger and frustration at the art displays. One student admitted that several students and staff are concerned but fear they’ll be labeled “racists” if they bring up their concerns. Other students called the display blasphemous and noted it has no place in a Catholic university. 

One student proclaimed:

“George Floyd is not Jesus Christ. … He is not a saint, nor a martyr, and to, in any way, compare him to the sinless son of Almighty God is to do a damning disservice to the vast majority of Catholics and Catholic theology… It is damning anywhere, but especially at *THE* Catholic University of America, where this painting was purchased, unveiled, and hung up without input from student leaders.”

The students wished to remain anonymous for fear of backlash from school administrators. 

On Friday, the university released a report documenting the university’s culture and practices “on matters of diversity and inclusion.” In March, the university held a ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of the painting. The campus ministry chaplain has marched with BLM and banned Abby Johnson from speaking at the pro-life club on campus. 

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  1. So they want to elevate a hardened criminal drug addicted thug to a god figure. They want to worship a false god. This is what is wrong with the Black community as a whole. They promote, enable and love their lawlessness and are to brainwashed, too stupid or have a mental illness that warps their way of thinking. To any normal person, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, White or Green with Pink Polka Dots, with half a brain and just a little common sense could see that George Floyd was just Black Trash that had a violent criminal history. His death was a tragedy, but one he could have avoided if he didn’t resist arrest and fight the Cops. It was also only the edited video that was shown or just a short segment of it. That and the usual race baiting figures that faked their outrage with their minions of ignorant followers along with the racist Marxist network news all worked hard to BS the Black community into an ignorant mob mentality rage. And they have been doing this for decades.
    The Black communities are riddled with Black on Black crimes and murders and they are mad at White people for what they are doing to them selves. Black communities, as a whole, do nothing to stop any of it. They are all afraid of being called a snitch for turning in one of their own that’s a bottom feeder praying on them. But because they are Black, the community turns their back, pretends that it is not their problem and does nothing to stop it. Drugs, crime, murder and poverty are all because they want to live that way. Otherwise they would work with the Police, their neighbors and friends to do something about it. They do not need anyone’s help to start cleaning up and rebuilding their communities. But it is more convenient to blame the White Boogy Man for all the problems and make the White people the scapegoat for not being able to fix themselves. Yes it is hard to admit you are wrong and even harder to admit that you are a big part of the problem.
    But it is also hard for White people to respect Blacks when for decades the White communities have poured money into causes to help and see Black communities get worse knowing all that money has gone into the pockets of corrupt politicians and so-called upstanding Black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others that run these programs. Look at what is happening with the blm leaders. They spent millions on luxury homes and enriching their private accounts to become millionaires off of the donations. They spent very little helping the poor or the Black communities. They did spend a lot on race baiting and trying to drive a wedge between all races. They also donated millions to the DNC and Demoncratic candidates, blm has become a cash cow for the Demoncrats! Yet there are only a few Black people that will speak out about this and they get called every name in the book and ridiculed for pointing that out and how lazy and dependent much of the Black community has become on the handouts and rhetoric from the Demoncratic party.
    The Black community will never get any better if 1: You do not believe in yourselves and stop believing in all the BS that you can’t succeed because of your skin color. 2: Put a stop to those Black people that put down successful Black people that speak out about what is wrong in Black culture. Stop thinking sports are the only answer and that those idiots speak for you. Most of them don’t give a damn about other Black people because they got rich off the back of the dirty working class like you. 3: Stop blaming all White people for your problems. The biblical saying God helps those that help themselves, is true. When you start working to clean up your mess and stop blaming others or stepping on them, others start joining in. Why? Because most people love the underdog that fights to get a head and will join in to help. Most of all, the Black people in this country need to figure out who their real friends are and separate the sharlitens.
    There is an old story that is told in many versions. But the main one I knew was the story of the Little Bird and the Cow Pie. It goes something like this. There was a little bird that couldn’t yet fly that got blown out of the nest by a storm. It flutters to the ground and is cold and starts chirping. Soon a cow comes along and feels sorry for the cold little bird, turns and drops a large cow pie on the bird. Now the little bird is warm and safe but doesn’t like it’s new situation and starts chirping again. Soon a coyote hears the little bird and runs over to it. He sees the bird in the cow pie and picks it out and cleans the dirt off of it. The little bird stops it’s chirping, feels better and thinks it is safe and warm. But then the coyote gobbles it down in one gulp!
    If you got this far here is the moral of the story.
    Those that seem to be throwing dirt on you are not necessarily trying to do you harm and those that are always trying to help you out are not necessarily trying to do you good. Maybe that might strike a cord to what I’ve been trying to say here. But really start taking a hard look at where you are, what the politicians, at all the programs designed to help, the people behind blm, antifa, the lowlifes that people riot over and try to make martyrs of and the crap in CRT and what the schools are teaching the kids and ask yourself, what good is all that doing for you and others it was supposed to help? What good is it doing for the Black communities and bringing people together? The truth may be that they are doing more harm and enabling bad people than doing any real good. You may also find that those things are making some rich and going to those that are not legal citizens to buy votes.
    As for me? I’m just another nobody that no one gives a damn about. Just a fool that has common sense and can see through all the BS. I’ve been down and out. But I stopped listening to all the people that kept telling me that this is as good as it gets and learn to live with it. I picked myself up, brushed the naysayers’ dirt off and worked my way out. Yes, it was hard at first, but I did it. And if this nobody can do it, so can anyone else. That is why I do not have pity for those living in poverty. It is up to you to help yourself out of the bad things in life.

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