CBS to America: Hey… the Hunter Biden Laptop is Real. Who Knew?

Are the “professionals” at CBS News even capable of being embarrassed—or of apologizing to its viewers for intentionally duping them? 

After 796 days of wrongly labeling Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell” “Russian Disinformation,” after the 2020 election had come and gone (to Joe Biden’s benefit), only after the 2022 election was (finally) a done deal, and well before the 2024 elections, CBS had an epiphany: Hunter’s Laptop is real after all. Hallelujah! 

As reported by The Daily Wire, “CBS News says ‘Yep, it’s real, and it’s bad.” 

Would it be too unprofessional to say, “Duh!?”

According to TDW, “On November 21, CBS News finally aired a segment ‘confirming’ that it ‘independently verified’ the contents of the president’s son’s computer which he left behind at a Delaware repair shop. This ‘news’ came nearly two and a half years after the laptop first popped up during the 2020 election cycle.”

Conservative tweeters chirped loudly on Twitter. 

Clay Travis tweeted, “Two years after anyone with a functional brain realized the Hunter Biden laptop was 100% real @CBSNews has finally gotten around to reporting the Hunter Biden laptop is 100% real.”

National Pulse editor Raheem Kassam tweeted, “SURPRISE!!! Two years after many of us broke much news and independently authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop, CBS news says, “Yep, it’s real, and it’s bad.”

Also on Twitter, Anders Hagstrom posted, “This exchange between Trump and Lesley Stahl is insane. She repeatedly insists the Biden laptops ‘can’t be verified,’ so reporters shouldn’t talk about it. Trump asks her why it can’t be verified. Her answer: “Because it can’t be verified.”

Americans must wonder what exactly Journalism schools are teaching students about CBS’s and others’ extraordinary lies here. At any rate, CBS is probably too busy “monitoring” Twitter, because Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s account, after self-suspending their account for a couple of days. Which proves they are incapable of being embarrassed. 

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