CCP Virus Mass Hysteria, Mass Psychosis, and a Self-Inflicted Mental Health Disaster

An article and an entertaining video at essentially say mass hysteria or psychosis occurs when one person or group expresses psychogenetic (from the mind) symptoms or makes dubious allegations, etc. Then others manifest the same symptoms or make allegations despite having no disease, evidence, or true cause for alarm. As America has seen with the “pandemic.”

Think Salem Witch Trials.

Assisting the phenomenon is when the media become complicit. Sauer says, “‘Today, dubious media promote mass psychoses. They ‘report’ about mysterious illnesses and their supposed cause according to the motto ‘sodium chloride discovered in table salt’ in order to increase the circulation….’

The basis for the hysteria may be based on a real event, but the overreaction is caused by intentional exaggeration and fabrication.

Now, this phenomenon is generating unsettling posts like the one that appeared on July 3rd on a community’s FB page in Washington State:

My wife is suddenly having a dental emergency (we think it’s an abscess). Does anyone know of a dental clinic open today [July 3] that is legitimately serious about COVID precautions? (N95’s or Elastomerics, HEPA Purifiers or Corsi Cubes, Windows Open, etc.) We haven’t gone near another person or gone inside a building since February 2020, so we’re in a state of panic right now.

It seems this couple has suffered severe emotional trauma from the CCP virus hysteria pushed primarily by the media and Democrats.

They literally say they are “in a state of panic” to go to the dentist. This fear has zero bases in reality, but, in a state like Washington where the governor-turned-dictator, Jay Inslee, helped create and promote an unnecessary state of fear, it’s not surprising.

More generally, Forbes wrote, “Nearly six times as many employers report increased mental health issues among employees since the pandemic began….”

That people are suffering from a mental illness stemming from a mass psychosis does not lessen its effects. The fear and anxiety are real even if the “crises” exploited were not—or not nearly as significant as the Democrat tyrants want you to believe.

Sadly, Democrat politicians and doctors continue the charade, continuing to cause fear in people who shouldn’t be, afraid.

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