CCP Virus Tyrants Want “Pandemic Amnesty” from Americans They Oppressed

Professor Emily Oster, Brown University: let’s forgive and forget the tyranny

How convenient it would be for the radical leftist bureaucrats, politicians, academia, media, big tech, and other corporate mucks to benefit from what many lefties are now calling for: a CCP virus “pandemic amnesty.” Endorse and enforce policies that wrought unnecessary destruction (in law enforcement, the economy, education, religion, science, and sports) across America in every social-cultural-political category that matters and then duck behind a tree and shout, “Not it.” 

Chief CCP virus tyrants, including Joe Biden and Tony Fauci, 2021

According to a poignant Daily Mail headline, “‘Funny how the call comes just before the GOP takes charge’: Conservatives slam liberal Ivy League professor who demanded ‘pandemic amnesty’ for those who pushed lockdowns that set kids back years at school and cost Americans jobs.” Not to mention obliterating Americans’ constitutional rights.

Alumnae Hall, Brown University

The DM reported, “A Brown University Professor is facing backlash from conservatives for demanding ‘pandemic amnesty’ for those who championed masking, lockdowns and vaccines. Economist Emily Oster earned harsh criticism from her opinion piece in The Atlantic, ‘Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,’ where she called on Americans to forgive and forget some of the failings of the COVID mandates.”

However, back in 2021, Prof. Oster tweeted what she now wants people to forgive people like her for, without offering an apology. “Shaming people who haven’t gotten vaccinated is not likely to work at this point (or ever). What will? Individual family pressure: Maybe. Vaccine requirements for things you want to do (domestic air/train travel, work, sports events): Yes. We can have these without shame.” What does this comment say about Prof Oster that she felt no shame in calling the CCP virus tyranny. 

Lauren Chen, also on Twitter, called Oster out for her duplicity. “Forgiveness usually comes after an apology. I see no apology in this piece. Remember how you encouraged family members to pressure each other and the unvaxxed to be fired? Perhaps a little ‘I’m sorry for that’ would be a good place to start.”

Remember one of the radical leftists primary tenets: never apologize.


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