Chicago Police Officers Surprise Neighborhood Kids With A New Basketball Hoop

Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891. He fashioned the first baskets from two peach baskets he nailed to the balconies at each end of the gym. Nets would come sometime later. This also rang true recently for some children, thanks to some Chicago cops. A group of kids in a Chicago neighborhood took a lesson from history and, not having a proper hoop and net, hung a milk crate up to use as to play basketball.

FOX News reported when some Chicago cops were patrolling a neighborhood, they noticed kids playing basketball using the milk crate hoop, and they thought they could do better. Eventually, a group of nine officers got together and bought the kids a new basketball pole, hoop, net, and some basketballs.

Not only did the officers purchase the equipment for the children, but they also showed up, installed it, and even hung around afterward to test out their handiwork, shooting a few hoops with the delighted youngsters. After one child shoots a basket in one video, you here “Nothing but net!”

Most in full uniform, the officers doing something so nice for those kids is not an anomaly. Cops do this kind of thing all the time. It’s just that officers rarely seek recognition for their good deeds. That probably comes from working in a profession where your job is to help people. Helping people comes naturally for most law enforcement officers.

Here, the kind gesture became known because Chicago Police Department Superintendent David O. Brown caught wind of the kind act and tweeted about it. “The officers saw an opportunity to help the kids with their game, so they got together to buy them a new hoop and basketballs.”

When the officers first arrive with the equipment still in boxes, one officer asks a little boy, “Is that a little better?” He gives the boy a high-five as the boy jumps and shouts, “Yeah!” The officer reiterates, “Yeah? You cool with that?” He then tells the boy the officers are going to assemble it all for them.

This seems to be a thing that police officers just do, based on Twitter posts from several different people.

Superintendent Brown shared another video of the cops and kids playing basketball and wrapped up the act of kindness with this sentiment. “Not only did it make the kids happy, but it made my day too.” Doing a good deed and making the boss happy, a not too shabby day for the officers.



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